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14 Jun 2010
Daniel Aranzubia has been chosen as RCDLC.com player of the season 2009/2010, while Brazilian Juca was picked as the best new signing during the campaign. Meanwhile, Guardado clinched his third straight best young player award (U-23).

RCDLC.com Peña members elect each season the best player, the best newcomer and the best young player (U-23) at Deportivo's first squad. For the season that has just ended Daniel Aranzubia has won the award of player of the year, honour that he also won in the previous campaign. The best newcomer was Juca, while the best young award went to Andrés Guardado.

The procedure is very simple: Each deportivo-la-coruna.com peña member awarded the three best Depor's players in every official match (liga & Copa) with the options of 5, 3 or 1 point according to their performance. The totals of each match were added and the best three players on each game were awarded with 5, 3 or 1 point. The totals were accumulated and the winners resulted to be the players with the higher number of points according to the three categories.

Dani Aranzubia won again the award of player of the season thanks to his saves and solidity at Depor’s goal; his defensive line gave too many facilities, especially at the end of the liga campaign, as result Deportivo ended as the second team allowing more attempts to score at Primera División (603). The response of the Basque keeper was to end fourth in la liga in terms of saves (135). The ex-Athletic committed some clear mistakes, like in the visit to Real Valladolid, but in a general sense Aranzubia was a solid keeper and his performance is one of the few things that can be saved from a disappointing end.

The Peña members at RCDLC.com noticed his work and the keeper was chosen as the man of the game (MOM) in six opportunities, the highest number among Depor’s players, while the Basque man clinched three awards as player of the month (December, January and February). In the end he added forty-three points, eleven more than second place Guardado.

Deportivo only made two incorporations during the season, and with Angulo injured the major part of the time, it was logical to see Juliano Roberto Antonello ‘Juca’ claiming the award of best newcomer to Depor, but he made the merits to earn that distinction. The midfielder is the most recent Brazilian player that has joined the Galician club. There were some expectations with him, mainly with his skills to throw the set-pieces.

And the truth is that he was a surprise at the beginning as the ex-Partizan participated in almost all the goals scored by the team within the first five liga matchdays, but a thigh problem suffered when he was celebrating a free-kick goal against Villarreal broke his pace. After that problem he spent the major part of the season injured and never recovered the previous level. But it was enough to claim the spot of best player in September and subsequently the award of best newcomer for the season 2009/10.

Mexican Andrés Guardado still in the list of favourites at RCDLC.com, so much that for the third straight time he was picked as the best  young player (U-23) at Deportivo’s squad, and actually he ended second in the general list. The winger clinched three MOMs and ended second in four opportunities.

The ex-Atlas was the best assistor of the team during the regular season (6), once again was one of the most dangerous players at the team as leading the attacks by the left flank. He was also Depor’s player with more crosses to the area (46). Perhaps he needed more will to attempt to score as the Mexican only completed nine shots on target scoring three goals. One more time the injuries blocked his progress as the injury sustained in the home game against Osasuna occurred when he was living his best moment on the season, level that he never recovered. In the end he was the only Depor’s man at the FIFA 2010 World Cup.

The final table of points for the season 2008/2009:

1st. Aranzubia - 43 pts 
2nd. Guardado - 32 pts
3rd. Adrian - 25 pts 
3rd. Juan Rodriguez - 25 pts
3rd. Riki - 25 pts 
6th. Juca - 23 pts
7th. Colotto - 20 pts 
8th. Laure - 19 pts
9th. Filipe - 18 pts 
10th. Lopo - 17 pts 
11th. Manuel Pablo - 15 pts
12th. Tomas - 14 pts 
13th. Dominguez - 11 pts
14th. Valerón - 10 pts 
15th. Alvarez - 9 pts
15th. Manu - 9 pts 
17th. Perez - 7 pts
18th. Rochela - 6 pts
19th. Mista - 5 pts 
19th. Piscu - 5 pts
21st. Angulo - 3 pts 
22nd. Lassad - 2 pts 
22nd. Bodipo - 1 pt
22nd. Raul - 1 pt
22nd. Sergio -1 pt
22nd. Ze Castro - 1 pt

Taking in mind the ratings, it’s possible to build up a lineup with the preferred players for RCDLC.com Peña members:



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