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22 Jun 2010
Depor Sport announced on Monday the signing of Urreta, a 20-year-old winger that can perform at both sides of the pitch and also as a second striker. He is Uruguayan and is coming loaned from Benfica with a buyout option.

The surprises continue, after the not expected arrival of French Yves Desmarets it has been announced that Deportivo and Benfica have reached an agreement for the loan of the winger Jonathan Matías Urretaviscaya da Luz ‘Urreta’. He is a 20-year-old winger that was born in Uruguay and that has Basque descent. In South America he has been compared with Arjen Robben and is nicknamed “lightning”

The operation was announced on Monday by Depor Sport and once again it wasn’t expected by the Galician media. The paper just informed the existence of an agreement between Depor and Benfica, but later a club’s official told to that the loan operation is lasting for one year and that the club has a buyout option over the player, though the amount wasn’t revealed.

Urreta arrived to Benfica two years ago coming from River Plate (Uruguay) and after scoring eight goals in fourteen games with that team. The Portuguese side paid one and a half million Euros for him, but never found a spot at the starting squad, actually he only played eleven games at Benfica scoring one goal.

That’s why he played the last six months of the season 2009/10 loaned at his former club River Plate, again the youngster impressed and scored four goals in fourteen games, and even his name was mentioned as a possible addition for the Uruguayan squad that’s currently disputing the FIFA 2010 World Cup, but in the end he stayed out of the list.

The young winger is right-footed and can perform at both sides of the pitch, though he has also played as second striker. Now the question is if Lotina will decide to discard some players at his current squad, because with Urreta and Desmarets arriving it seems there’s no room for Pablo Alvarez and Iván Pérez, without forgetting that this last signing could be the first step to allow the exit of Andrés Guardado , whose departure could be mean big sell of the summer for Deportivo.



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