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28 Jun 2010
Despite the rumours the truth is that the exit of Filipe and Guardado still difficult to happen; the offer of Atletico isn’t convincing Lendoiro, while the rumours over the Mexican haven’t been transformed into a concrete offer.

A lot of things have been said and written related to the exits of Filipe Luis and Andrés Guardado from Deportivo, but the true is that nothing has changed as there isn’t any convincing offer for any of these two players, a duo that’s considered as one of the best left sides in Spanish football.

Filipe has been linked with several clubs within the last months, the last one to join the list was Inter Milan, but the true is that the only concrete proposition is coming from Atletico Madrid, club that’s offering €12 million Euros plus a couple of players (Ignacio Camacho and Diego Costa).

But president Augusto César Lendoiro has rejected the bid, apparently because he wants a single cash payment, while the Madrilenians are offering to divide the operation in three payments. Depor’s president was in Madrid on the past week in order to take part of a meeting in la liga, it was rumoured that Atletico was going to try to convince him and accept the offer, but Depor’s boss is not changing his mind and it seems the Brazilian will stay at Depor as Atletico is now looking at other options.

The case of Guardado is even more frozen, because there seems to be a real interest, but there are no concrete offers. A couple of days ago Depor Sport wrote that the main interest seem to come from the English Premiership, because the British media has reported that Aston Villa, Everton FC and Sunderland have put their eyes on the Mexican winger.

But still, there aren’t real offers for the ex-Atlas winger. The arrivals of Desmarets and Urreta fired the rumours about an imminent operation, but the same Lotina told to reporters that the exit of the Mexican was improbable as there was no offer for him. Therefore all appoints that both players will stay in La Coruña, at least for one more season.



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