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29 Jun 2010
Finally, after all the complaints and the problems to train at the Riazor, the club has been able to replace the grass at the stadium. It has been rumoured that the operation cost €300,000.

Last season, Deportivo’s first team could only train for a couple of opportunities at the Riazor. The reason was the state of grass at the stadium; it was so bad that the engineer responsible for its treatment, Jose Manuel Calderón, forbidden any training session on the pitch, this in order to have the grass in the best possible conditions for the official games, which awoke the criticism among the players for not been able to work at their “home”.

For this reason the club took the decision to plant new grass at the Riazor after the regular season ended; the operation started on May 31 and has lasted one month. The club didn’t inform about the cost of the operation, but a couple of months ago newspaper La Voz de Galicia calculated that the cost would be of €300,000.

And it’s that it wasn’t a simple operation of just replacing the old grass with new one, because even the sand below the old grass has been replaced, and there’s more, because the procedure includes a chemical treatment to enhance the resistance of the lawn.

José Manuel Calderón explained the process to Depor Sport, “We used a liquid hormone that will allow a better growth, so the grass will be more resistance and will be able to compete with the new seeds that we are planting.”

The pitch is not ready yet, but the club’s authorities expect it will be in perfect conditions for the dispute of the Teresa Herrera tournament. It will mean great news for the coming seasons, not only because Deportivo and its rivals will have better conditions to bring a better spectacle during the games, but also because Depor’s players will now have the opportunity to prepare the home games in a better way. 



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