05 Apr 2006
Jer??nimo Figueroa 'Momo' has been experiencing a tough season. He lost his place in the squad and later Pablo Amo’s departure gave him a new opportunity. He played his first ten minutes of the year in the last game against Racing. Now, the Canarian player only wants to focus on the next month and a half, a period in which he wants more opportunities to play.

Q: On Sunday you played for a few minutes, but got very little in return...
A: Yes, but I am very happy. For a player like me, who isn't participating much in the matches, those ten minutes are worth a lot. It felt good.

Q: You used those ten minutes to do some interesting things.
A: It's always important to help the squad. You have to take advantage of those minutes and make a good impression, you have to try and demonstrate what you can do.

Q: It was a moment that reminded people you’re still here.
A: Yes. I have a clear idea in my mind that I have to use these opportunities to try to do the best possible.  It’s a benefit for the team, but also myself. You have to feel like you’ve been useful and do anything possible to demonstrate your skills to the fans.

Q: How do you face the rest of the season keeping in mind the situation you’ve experienced in the past few months?
A: After all I’ve been through, I will just try to work hard in the next month and a half.  It’s important to take full advantage of all the opportunities I can get, like the one I enjoyed against Racing. I want to demonstrate that I deserve a spot on the team.

Q: How has the squad dealt with the locker room polemic of the last few days?
A: We demonstrated that the team is focused on the matches.

Q: You seem happier than in the previous months.
A: Well... a lot has changed during the last few months.  My place in the squad, my possible transfer, not being able to play, an injury...a lot of things that I want to forget, right now I just want to enjoy myself like I did in the last game.

Q: Do you regret staying at Deportivo?
A: No. What's done is done, although after everything I’m happy working here.

Q: Have you thought of leaving the club when the season is over?
A: Right now I prefer to play until the end of the season and then I will think about it. A lot can happen in a month and a half.

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