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11 Jul 2010
The players already started to train; they will spend next week working in a double shift; later they will travel to Switzerland in order to dispute the first friendly matches on the pre-season.

Depor’s players have been working at Abegondo since Friday; in the first day they passed several medical tests and completed a couple of soft trainings. By Saturday the intensity was bigger and it will continue the same during next week.

Physical coach Eduardo Dominguez commented to reporters the general situation of the squad, “In the beginning there are no problems. All the players are completing a collective work, though there are some adjustments with some players, but so far I can say that everything is fine.”

And one of the players that has a special treatment is Lassad Nouioui, something that was analysed by Dominguez, “Lassad will join the tactical and technical work, but in the individual sense we have to adjust the level of the work in order to see him assimilating the training. His predisposition is positive and is content; he is wishing to avoid all the problems of the past.”

Dominguez is aware that Deportivo needs to start the season in the best possible way, and for that reason he considers that the team must be on shape as soon as possible, ”The goal of Deportivo on the season is to achieve the permanence, so we need to work hard in order to start adding the point as soon as possible. Other teams, for their characteristics, can start more relaxed, but not us.”

In other news the club informed that new signing Stopira will join the trainings on Monday; it was also informed that on next week the team will work in a double shift, just has it happened on Saturday. The intensity of the sessions will be increased with the pass of the days. It will be an important week as in the next one the team will travel to Switzerland in order to play its first two friendly matches.




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