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11 Jul 2010
Midfielder Juan Rodriguez is becoming into one of the veterans at Deportivo; the Andalusian is starting his fifth season at the Galician club and is now one of the references at the team.

Juan Rodriguez can now be considered as a veteran at Deportivo, and it’s that the season 2010/2011 will be his fifth campaign at the Galician club, a number only surpassed at the current team by right-back Manuel Pablo and playmaker Juan Carlos Valerón, duo that’s the only survivor from the Champions League years.

For this reason the Andalusian midfielder can be considered as one of the leading voices at the locker room, during the week he talked to Depor Sport and analysed the situation, starting with the fact of having a new role inside the squad, “It’s true that several veterans with a lot of years at the club have gone, like the case of Sergio, but we still have some veterans at the team. In any case, with the pass of the years, you start to have a bigger responsibility and more weight at the changing room, but I can accept any new role.”

“Everybody likes to have new goals, but I am happy if we are able to keep the same lane of recent years. Personally I am content on here, and hope to continue for more time at the team, and for this season, definitely, I will have new goals.” He added.

As part of his role as a veteran, Juan is welcoming the new signings at Depor’s squad, ”I have good references of Michel, because he was playing in Spain, but we will received everybody with the arms wide open. Besides, I am sure that if the team is trusting in them is for something.”

He was also denying that the players are feeling pain within the first days if training, “I don’t think it’s a problem. We are working in a calm way and we will improve with the pass of the days. Besides, we were exercising during the vacations and for that reason we are in good conditions.”

Finally, the ex-Malaga midfielder expressed his happiness for the continuous flow of players coming from Deportivo B, “The youngsters are very important for the team, and they demonstrated it during the past season. The club has a professional B team and the winners are us. On this season we’ll have the advantage that the B squad is competing at Segunda B. I played at that level during one season and know how competitive it is. Now the jump between both teams will be lower.”



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