12 Jul 2010
New signing Saul gave his first interview as a Deportivoís player; he talked to Depor Sport and explained his feelings and aspirations during this new stage in his professional career.

Q: How do you face this new adventure as a Deporís player?
A: With a lot of hope and wishing to be with my new team mates. The true is that it is a step forward in my career, I really needed something like this. I believe itís a great project, itís motivating and I will give everything in this Primera season with Deportivo.

Q: How did you assume the situation when you were informed about the interest of Depor?
A: Since the first moment, when I knew that was having the chance to go to a team like Deportivo, I didnít think twice, because it had all the conditions to see me switching to another club. Itís a club that has been important in Spain within the last twenty years, itís already established at Primera Divisiůn, besides it is betting on young people. I believe it has all the requirements for a young player thatís looking for a chance at Primera Divisiůn. And thatís what I want: to prove to myself and to the world that I am a player for Primera. It is important to see someone trusting in you, Deportivo has done this and I hope to yield. Deportivo has given me the chance and itís motivating . Besides, itís a team where I think I can contribute with things.

Q: So, you are coming in order to claim a spot at the starting formationÖ
A: Yes, thatís for sure. The first thing is to be adapted to the work and the training methods. Later to gain a chance to have minutes. I hope everything will be fine and that I could play several games, but always quiet and thinking this is a step forward and that it isnít a matter of just arriving and playing. It is more complicated than that, so the idea is to work, give my best effort and demonstrate each day that I deserve it.

Q: How would you define yourself?
A: I can play at both wings, I can control the ball with both legs and am good in one-on-one situations. I am fast and can release good crosses. Neither can I define myself in other words, but think I am more a player that gives the assists.

Q: You already had experience at Primera Divisiůn, was that experience useful to learn some new things?
A: Yes, I had the opportunity to debut with Malaga and to perform for Levante, which truly were unique experiences. I enjoyed those moments, but this new stage is different for me, knowing that I already spent six years at professional clubs, and that it has arrived the moment to have continuity at Primera. I assume things with that idea on my mind, knowing that I donít want to leave, that I want the best for Deportivo. I hope I can spend a lot of years on here and that the people in La CoruŮa would be happy with me.

Q: Do you see this as something that will last a lot of years?
A: Yes, my idea is to be at Primera with Deportivo during several years, because it will mean that things were fine.

Q: We have read a lot of things about you, one of the issues was that Elche was trying to fine youÖ
A: Nothing happened. It is true that some things appeared in the papers, but in the end nothing happened. Nobody from the club contacted me to reclaim me anything. Besides, it was a free day and I passed the medicals in order to see how my foot was, Depor was one of the clubs interested in me and they wanted to see how a previous injury had evolved. It was simple, nothing serious.

Q: And the subject of your agent? It was commented that he might present a legal demandÖ
A: I wonít say too much about that. Whatever he wants, he will do it and thatís it, because I am very calm.

Q: What are your goals at the club?
A: Every player will try to put his club at the highest point. Last year it was close to end in Europe and hopefully we will achieve it now, but we must be cautious, we need to be humble and face the situation game after game, because it is the most important thing. You will find a lot of quality at Primera Divisiůn and you canít fool yourself.





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