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14 Jul 2010
The coaching staff has changed the training methods of past seasons; the big difference now is that the players are working with the ball and at the same time they are also making physical exercises in order to improve their match fitness.

Depor’s first team has been training for four days and it is already possible to notice some novelties. In the past the coaching staff always used the first two weeks to improve the physical condition of the players through long and exhausting training sessions, while the ball was introduced until the third week of work.

Now the situation has changed as physical coach Eduardo Dominguez has decided to alternate both elements, he explained to reporters the reason for this, "Today [on Monday] we began to introduce the principles of the game, both offensive and defensive, also to awake the technical and tactical elements, because the sooner you start to remember the better. It’s also helpful to improve the fitness. A work well designed and well structured it’s useful for the conditional aspects. "
What the coaching staff has planned for this week is to work each morning with the ball, while in the afternoon the ball is taken off and players are completing some specific exercises destined to improve their strength, resistance and fitness.

More specifically, in the mornings the players are having little training games, exercises to manage the ball possession, while they also train the capacity to shot on target. Later, in the afternoon, the exercises with the ball are replaced by exercises that are trying to reinforce the muscles and the joints.

In the tactical sessions the team has been divided in three groups, the three keepers, Aranzubia, Manu and Diego Rivas, were alternating between these three mini-squads. The first group of field players was composed by Manuel Pablo, Lopo, Zé Castro, Raúl, Saúl, Juan Rodríguez, Desmarets and Riki; the second by Laure, Álex Bergantiños, Rochela, Filipe, Juca, Juan Dominguez, Urreta, Michel and Lassad; while the third was for Seoane, Colotto, Antonio Tomás, Stopira, Pablo Álvarez, Valerón, Iván Pérez, Adrián and Aythami.

The good news so far is that there are no injuries cases as all the men are working at the top, including striker Lassad Nouioui, who is completing the same exercises without any problem.




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