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17 Jul 2010
Taborda and Sergio have presents demands against Deportivo because the club owes them part of their wages. These are new problems for Lendoiro that are joining the cases of Luque (Mallorca) and Ze Castro (Atletico).

In the end the club wasn’t able to reach an agreement with Sergio and the midfielder presented a demand at the Spanish Players Association (AFE). Since last year Depor was trying to negotiate the extension of the player’s contract, but it never reached an agreement with his agent, at the same time both parties were trying to reach an agreement about the compensation that the player must receive

The previous contract signed between Sergio and Deportivo was complex, it was ending in June of 2009, but it had a clause that was automatically renewing the midfielder for one more season, this since he took part in a certain number of games. The conditions were fulfilled and he stayed at Depor. At the same time the club and the midfielder renegotiated the terms in order to sign a new contract.

Sergio agreed to low his salary, but wanted to include a payment of €1.5 million as part of the deal and as compensation since the previous deal was establishing this amount as a penalization for not renegotiating a new contract. This is the amount that the Catalan is asking now, plus the part of the salary that wasn’t paid during the past season, which takes the final amount to almost €2 million. Depor admits the existence of the debt and the problem is that it was promising to pay the amount in three years, while the player wants less time or more guaranties.

Both sides tried to reach an agreement on Wednesday, this since Thursday was the deadline to present demands at the AFE. The importance of the AFE in these cases is that this instance has an agreement with la liga that stipulates that if any club has debt with their players by July 31 then these clubs could automatically suffer the relegation if they don’t pay the debts or reach an agreement with the applicants.

And there’s more, because according to Radio Galega Sebastian Taborda also presented a demand at the AFE. The Uruguayan striker and Deportivo agreed to cancel the contract of the player on the past summer, but it seems that Taborda hasn’t been able to cash part of the compensation established as part of the deal, reason why he decided to present his demand.

Now Depor has ten days in order to present its allegations to the cases of Sergio and Taborda, then it will have until August 2 (the deadline since July 31 is Saturday) to pay or to reach an agreement with both players. The club informed to reporters that it plans to solve the situation in the coming week.

The cases of Taborda and Sergio are now joining the previous demands presented by RCD Mallorca and Atletico Madrid to la liga. Mallorca is asking for the last part of Luque’s transfer, while Atletico is demanding the second payment for the transfer of Ze Castro. Until the Galician club solves these issues it won’t be able to inscribe the new signings for the season 2010/11, in these last two cases the deadline is August 30.



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