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20 Jul 2010
Brazilian Filipe Luis is close to be sold to Atletico Madrid for an amount between the Ä12 and the Ä14 million; meanwhile Lendoiro is also negotiating the arrival of his possible substitute: Sergio Escudero from Real Murcia.

On Sunday the club informed that Filipe Luis was not going to travel to Switzerland as the negotiations for his transfer were now advanced. The club didnít inform the name of the club of destiny, but the media is convinced thatís Atletico Madrid. Deportivo needs the money and it was hoping that Barcelona FC was going to enter into the race for the Brazilian defender.

But the Catalans bought Sevillaís Adriano and left Atletico as the only club with a real interest over the player, this since an offer coming from Inter Milan was never materialized. There are a lot of rumours about the amount of the operation, at the beginning Marca was reporting it was Ä8 million, but further reports calculated the operation in Ä12 million, while Radio Galega was informing itís Ä12 million plus to forgive the debt for Ze Castro (Ä1.6 million).

The newspapers also speculate that right now the difference that hasnít made possible to close the deal is the method of payment, according to Mundo Deportivo Atletico is offering Ä6 million now and the other Ä6 million in two payments to be completed in the next two years, while the Galician club wants more money as part of the cash payment.

On these days president Lendoiro is in Madrid attending to the meeting of la liga in which the calendar of the season 2010/11 is going to be fixed, and itís expected that he will seize the occasion to close the transfer of the Brazilian player. Apparently the president is also trying to include an extra clause for Ä250,000 (objectives) and a new participation of Atletico in a future Teresa Herrera tournament.

But there are other negotiations for Deporís boss in Madrid, according to reports he also had a meeting with the president of Real Murcia, Jesķs Samper, this in order to negotiate the transfer of Sergio Escudero Palomo, a 20-year-old left-back defender thatís the main target to replace Filipe.

Heís a promising player that has been linked in the past with Real Madrid; Real Zaragoza, Mallorca and UD Almeria presented offers during the summer, but it seems that Depor has taken the advantage in the race for his signing. According to reports Depor presented a Ä1.5 million offer, but Murcia wants Ä2 million. It was also reported that a second proposition was presented by Lendoiro and d that this one was offering the 25% of a future transfer. It is another negotiation that could be closed in Madrid within the next hours.



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