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23 Jul 2010
Finally, the transfer of Filipe to Atletico Madrid can be considered as a fact; Deportivo already approved the operation and the only thing left is to sign the deal. The player already travelled to Madrid in order to pass the medicals.

The transfer of Filipe Luis to Atletico Madrid is finally a fact as the player travelled on Wednesday’s evening to Madrid in order to pass the medicals. The agreement exists since the beginning of this week, but the complexity of the negotiation delayed the operation. For the moment both clubs haven’t made an official announcement since the contract hasn’t been signed, but everything should be solved on Friday.

The terms of the operation continues to be the same ones announced on Thursday: Depor will receive €12 million for the transfer, €6 million now and the other half in two payments within the next two years (each year €3 million), then Atletico will forgive the €1.6 million of the unpaid debt for Ze Castro . Later Atletico will be compromised to take part in two of the next four Teresa Herrera tournaments, clause that has been valued in €1 million. Finally, Atletico would have to pay an extra million Euros according to the number of matches played by the Brazilian defender within the next two seasons. The final value of the operation will be between the €13.5 million and the €15.5 million.

 Filipe arrived to Deportivo just a few days before the start of the season 2006/07, he just played 19 games on that campaign, mainly because Joan Capdevila was ahead of him, but after the departure of the Catalan defender the Brazilian claimed the spot and just missed five liga encounters within the next two years. In the end Filipe played 111 liga matches wearing Depor’s shirt and scoring six goals. His cost was €2.2 million as part of a buyout option had with Uruguayan club Rentistas.

By the season 2009/10, he was already considered as one of the best left-back defenders in the world, which moved Barcelona FC to attempt his signing, an operation that fell down after a series of incidents between all the parties involved. On the past season the player suffered a serious leg injury during the home match against Athletic Bilbao, it was expected he will be out until the season 2010/11, but a miraculously recovery allowed him to play the last two matches on the past season. Currently he is totally recovered from the problem.

After knowing the news, coach Miguel Angel Lotina commented to reporters that, “Lendoiro warned me two months ago; he told me the normal thing would be to see him transferred and that he already wasn’t counting with him. For us it was luxury to have Filipe Luis during all these years, and it would have been a luxury to have him on the coming season.”

The 20-year-old player from Real Murcia still as the main target to replace Filipe Luis; president Lendoiro was still negotiating his arrival. The most recent news were that Depor’s boss was offering one and a half million Euros for the 75% of his rights, while the agent of the player, Joseba Díaz, told to reporters that, “The player has four offers from Primera clubs; right now we are waiting to see Murcia reaching an agreement with any of them. Deportivo is a great club and a big option for us; and what the player wants is to perform at Primera División.”

Meanwhile, coach Lotina was already praising the skills of Escudero, ”I know the president is negotiating. He is the kind of player that we like: young, someone with a promising career still ahead of him and a player that, despite his age, is already capable to be a starter; he will be a fixed player at the team; that’s why we put our eyes over him. If Escudero arrives then we are talking of Filipe’s substitute, there’s no doubt about that.”



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