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26 Jul 2010
During the press conference with Filipe Luis, Depor’s president explained the transfer of the Brazilian to Atletico Madrid. He also clarified the negotiations with Sergio Escudero and Rubén Pérez.

The highly expected press conference of Augusto César Lendoiro brought the first answers about the market moves made by Deportivo within the last days. He explained the terms of the negotiation with Atletico Madrid and also confirmed the negotiations with the players that might join the team in the future.

The main things said by the president:

 “It was a very complicated negotiation, because football is going through some difficult times. It was said that Deportivo is selling to pay the debts, and that idea is far from our reality; we had to invent new things I have to recognize the interest always shown by Miguel Angel Gil. Thanks to him we have reached an agreement, the difficulties were big and there is a major liquidity problem throughout the world of football. It isn’t true that Deportivo needs to sell in order to pay, because otherwise we could have failed to complete this operation."

"It’s very interesting in the long term. Deportivo will receive up to twelve million Euros by the year 2013; we will also have a 15% of the profits from a future sale; they will pay all the costs of the operation; we also confirm the loan for two years of Ruben Perez, the possibility in the loan of another player, who is undecided and we´ll evaluate who should be. We granted an option on Miguel De Las Cuevas that, although it’s a player of Sporting, Atletico has a buy-out option over him (two million Euros). That option must be completed before April of 2011.  They are also forgiving a debt that was pending and that’s similar to another one had by Atletico with us (he was referring to the past transfer of Emerson). We can also say that, at this moment, Ze Castro is a player of Deportivo, but we still have some small difference in the method of payment and we don’t know yet to whom it may benefit. Finally, they will play the Teresa Herrera."

"We all like Diego Costa, but he won’t come. There was the option to include him as part of the deal, but after the pre-season that he's doing... that was an important fact that nearly derails the operation. The coach liked him, because he was doing very well."

"We're working on that line, to see if we can reach an agreement in the near future, there are other alternatives, but this is the negotiation that’s more advanced. I can tell you that we already had a total agreement with Murcia, there’s a total agreement with them, but this is a thing of three parties."

“Nobody knows where he is; I guess nobody will ask us to pay him for these extra days of vacations.”

“Deportivo is seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, and this is reflected in the reduction of the debt. This month we have paid more than eight million Euros to the Spanish treasury. This means that the health of the club isn’t so bad and that we’re reaching agreements and formulas that will allow us, in a few years, to have once again a competitive and young team, which also is within the appropriate economic parameters. We will continue struggling with our need of cash, but it isn’t so bad compared to the situation of the past season. We're starting the season 2010/2011 and the budget is already warranted."



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