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26 Jul 2010
On Sunday Filipe Luis gave a press conference and said good-bye to the fans during a press conference held at the Playa Club. He said that his intention is to return someday to La Coruña.

As it was announced on Friday, Filipe Luis and Lendoiro gave a press conference at the Playa Club in order to announce the departure of the Brazilian defender. Later canaldeportivo.com published an open letter of the player in which he was thanking everyone. The following is a translation of that letter:

“First to all, I would like to publicly thank president Lendoiro, who wanted to be here with me, to all the staff of the club, Miguel Angel Lotina and all the coaches that had such great patience with me, the doctors, the physiotherapists that did an amazing work with my injury, and all my colleagues for their support and their friendship within the past four years, without a doubt the best of my life!”

“Thanks to you, the media, for being here with me in this day and for all your support and solidarity in good and bad times, because we had though moments. I also want to apologize for not attending the media during this week; I hope you will understand it was a tough week. And especially thanks to the fans, to all the peñas, also, of course, thanks to my own peña for all the affection received during each and every one of the days I spent in La Coruña. “

“This very good opportunity has appeared for me and it’s also very good for Deportivo, and everybody is winning with this. And Deportivo La Coruña and the city already occupy a special place in my heart. But to know that you're going to get tired of seeing me, because when I retire I will live on here, and hope I can rejoin Deportivo somehow in the future. Wherever I´ll be, I will be one more fan of Deportivo.”



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