27 Jul 2010
Striker Adrian Lopez talked to newspaper La Voz de Galicia and explained his expectations on the new season; he also talked of the state of the negotiations for his renewal.

Q: Youíre facing a special season as itís the last one in the contract signed with Deportivo
A: For me all the seasons are very important. I am a young player that each year tries to learn more things; I try to improve and think that when you're young, and if you want to be a good footballer, then all seasons are very important.

Q: Can we say that you already reached the peak of your learning phase?
A: Itís clear that when I was a Juvenil player I still had many things to learn, and with what I played on here and with all the loans, yes I've improved. I have played and with the pass of time you learn more things and so Iíve to continue, but this is the season in which I feel more mature.

Q: What have you improved?
A: In many ways: the way I play, when I make decisions on the field, to feel more comfortable with the ball, making better moves... everything in general.

Q: Do you feel your effort is matched by the affection coming from the fans?
A: Since I came here and until this day, Iíve always been very happy with the fans and also with my team mates; I feel appreciated, as I think we all feel. Here we all feel valued and everyone has a task on the pitch and we just do it, itís our responsibility.

Q: How much was the damage you suffered with that comparison made by the coach when he called you "the white Ronaldo"?
A: Damage? None. I took it as a comment, it was just the way that the coach had to say one good thing about me, but sometimes things are exaggerated. It came out on the papers and everyone knows it. But it never affected me in any way, neither have I been treated differently.

Q: It was already known that your agent has dealt with the club for your renewal, will you continue next season in A CoruŮa?
A: I know they have been talking and nothing else. Right now I still donít know whether or not they still talking, Iím just focused on my job and itís a subject that doesnít bother me.

Q: Can the gap between the club and Piscu affect you? (Both players have the same agent)
A: No, I have nothing to do with that. Itís something that concerns Eugenio [Botas] and Iím dedicated to my work, which is to train.

Q: What are the expectations on the new season?
A: Itís one more year on here and I have more enthusiasm than ever before. Every year you want to go back and do your best for the group.

Q: Would you be satisfied with just repeating the things from last season?
A: You always want to improve, and every day I come to train with that intention.

Q: Are you satisfied with the confidence of the coach?
A: Yes, I played many minutes, and in that aspect the truth is that I'm really happy and looking forward for this year competition.

Q: Despite this continuity you remained at the mark of only four goals scored.
A: Yes, I know people expect more goals and all pass through training at the top every day, improving in all aspects, and I would be happy to make more goals.

Q: This number is also influenced by the fact that you didnít play too much as a central forward.
A: Well, I played many games on the wing, but if the coach orders me to play in a place where you are not used to do it, then you have to change the chip and try to do well there. In addition, from the wing you can also score goals, so that's not an excuse. Itís clear that playing as a striker means to always have more opportunities, but that's not an excuse.

Q: Maybe the new signings will put you back into the striking zone
A: I donít know. Itīs too early to say what the coach will decide; we have to train and reach our top



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