02 Aug 2010
Jonathan Urreta talked to and analysed his first days as a Depor’s player; he also explained his dream of playing at the Spanish league.

Q: How was your first impression after the first weeks?
A: Well, happy, knowing that we are getting used to everything and also happy for been in a city like A Coruña.

Q: Is there any player who has surprised you?
A: All are good players, but Valerón has experience and it’s all a matter of looking at him and learn the good things you can use.

Q: Did you know any of them before arriving?
A: I knew them all, because I know a lot about Spanish football; it was much longer before coming here and, well, I’m glad to meet them and to be here.

Q: What should be the team's objective?
A: I personally think it should be a European Cup, but mostly I think the best is to go game by game, always trying to keep improving week after week.

Q: What do you think for been competing for a spot with Guardado?
A: I am glad, because he arrives in order to add things. Then, in a personal sense, the coach will decide who has to play and who don’t.

Q: With the buyout option so inaccessible, do you feel this is your only year at Deportivo?
A: Yes, I see it will be difficult to fulfill, but don’t think about it; I just have to think that I have to train and be prepared to play.

Q: With the departure of Di Maria from Benfica, did you think you were going to stay there instead of him?
A: I never thought of it, there was a moment when I could have played for Benfica with Di Maria or without him, but I was at another place -Peñarol- and now I'm here and I only have to think of Deportivo.

Q: How did the choice of Deportivo appeared?
A: It was all pretty fast, I was seduced by the option of coming to play to the Spanish la liga and in a club like Deportivo, and I never doubted.

Q: Are you wishing to play in a specific stadium, or against an specific rival...?
A: I really like the Spanish league, it’s a dream for me and I want to play at every stadium; I don’t care against whom.

Idols, your favourite team in your childhood, dreams...
A: From Uruguay, Recoba when I was a child, then I liked the player of the moment, but when I grew up I stopped of having idols. My team has always been Peñarol and to play there was a dream come true, now I only aspire to play at the Spanish league.



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