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03 Aug 2010
Fabricio Coloccini talked to Depor Sport before the Teresa Herrera; the defender of Newcastle talked of his experience in England and also about Deportivo.

Q: Itís time for your comeback
A: I already visited La CoruŮa in many times, also the stadium, but never had the chance to play at the Riazor once again. Itís going to be a pretty experience.

Q: How is Newcastle arriving to the Teresa Herrera?
A: We spent a few weeks on the pre-season and only played a couple of friendly matches. Against Depor itís going to be the third, and later it will be useful in order to face the Premier season. Until now we have only made some physical work, so Depor and Newcastle arenít at the top yet.

Q: I guess Newcastle is now a more quality team as its returning to the Premier League
A: Yes, sure. What happens is that we havenít made too many new signings, maybe the most known.name is Soul Campbell , whoís going to bring a lot of things due to his experience.

Q: And Xisco, who already knows whatís to play at the Riazor wearing another shirt.
A: He is willing to play. Xisco has that experience, because he played with Racing Santander. He told me the experience was pretty, because people were wonderful. He felt comfortable. Both of us are hoping for the Teresa Herrera in order to meet the people. We spent a lot of years in La CoruŮa.

Q: And people love you
A: Well, you never know. What I can tell you is that I felt wonderful at Depor, I spent great years there and when I left the team qualified for European competitions. That fact left me with a good taste in the mouth.

Q: How is Newcastle assuming its participation in the tournament?
A: Off course we know the prestige of the trophy. What happens is that during the pre-season all the teams want to be prepared for the league, but clearly we arenít assuming the friendly game as any other match.

Q: Have you been following Depor lately, how do you see the team?
A: On these days I didnít have the chance to follow them, but I know that Filipe Luis, Bodipo, Sergio are goneÖ I have been told great things of Urretaviscaya. Last year I followed the team; it had a great start, but it went down. They were close to reach the UEFA and that should be enough for the fans. This year itīs going to be more of the same: to try to achieve the permanence and letís see if itís possible to achieve better things.

Q: Now, in a personal sense, how was your adaptation to England?
A: The truth is that it was perfect. At the beginning you are scared, because people tell you a lot of things: the weather, thatís a sad cityÖ truly the weather isnít the best, but I have found a pretty city, with a lot of movement, because itīs a University City. I am more than happy.

Q: And your level of English?
A: Well, more or less. I didnít know too much English when I arrived. What happens is that I donít talk too much and for that reason is more difficult to me. At least I talk less than Xisco, who is always saying something.

Q: I guess your worst experience was the relegation
A: Yes, it was tough. You never want that; because the club was trying to fight for bigger things. We had a pretty team, but there was disorganization, changes of coachesÖ So when you miss to do the right things itís later seen in the results. In the following year things were normal again and now we are back at the Premier League. The relegation was another experience. I assumed it like that, I always was at the elite and you can notice how strong the English second division is. 

Q: What about the World Cup?
A: I was happy with the World Cup, because Spain won it, remember that I spent nine years in Spain and I left many friends there. When Argentina was eliminated clearly I wanted Spain to win the tournament. And with Argentina we felt disappointed, because we didnít expect this failure. For the quality of the squad and the aspirations that we had before the event, clearly we were disappointed as we thought the team would at least reach the semifinals stage. Of course I work hard in order to return to the national team. You never forget that. Since the pre-season you think of it, because I want to return to the national team.



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