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04 Aug 2010
Depor lost the Teresa Herrera for the second straight time after falling in the penalty shootout against Newcastle United. The Galicians were the better side and had better scoring opportunities, but the game ended scoreless.

As it was previously announced, coach Miguel Angel Lotina sent the expected 4-2-3-1 formation; with Manu at the goal, Manuel Pablo covering the right-back position, Stopira the left side, while the central defenders were Lopo and AythamiRuben Perez and Juan Rodriguez were the two pivotes; Saul appeared on the right wing and Urreta on the left, Michel was the playmaker and Riki the lonely attacker.

Meanwhile, Newcastle United was playing with Fabricio Coloccini and Xisco at the starting lineup, while other familiar faces were Spanish left-back José Enrique, midfielder Joe Barton and Argentine winger Jonas Gutierrez, who started sited on the bench.

It was a boring match between two sides that made it evident how much they need to grow in order to face the regular season; Depor had the initiative, especially in the first half, but it was unable to create clear scoring opportunities, just a couple of attempts from Saúl and Juan Rodriguez.

Maybe the most pleasant surprise was Ruben Perez, who joined the club during the past week, but that was constantly offering his aids to his team mates. Saul was probably the best player for Depor in the encounter as he was creating a lot of troubles on the right wing. At defence Lopo, Aythami and Manuel Pablo seemed pretty solid.

The problem was on the left side, and it’s that neither Stopira nor Urreta brought the freshness had in the past with the combination Filipe-Guardado. About Newcastle little can be said, because The Magpies were more worried in blocking all the roads at defence and did too little in attack.

The best part of the first half came at the end, first Michel had the best scoring opportunity in the game after a great play of Saul, but the Valencian playmaker could only hit the post from close range. In the next play striker Andy Carroll was close to score as he headed a corner-kick.

For the second half Lotina made three substitutions: Juan Dominguez, who in the end was fit to play, replaced Juan Rodriguez, while Guardado was debuting on the pre-season taking the spot of Urreta. Finally Laure entered for Stopira. The first two players had a decent performance, but the truth was that Depor missed depth in the final part.

Situation that got worse with the entry of Valerón, Ze Castro and Pablo Alvarez for Saul, Ruben Perez and Michel, this last player left the pitch after suffering a muscular injury during a play against Jonas Gutierrez. What happened was that Lotina switched the system into a 4-3-3 and Valerón never found a proper place on the pitch, while Pablo Alvarez just blocked the side in which Saul was looking dangerous in the first part and Ze Castro didn’t offer something new at midfield .

In the end Deportivo was close to lose the match as Manu committed a foolish penalty with just five minutes remaining in the clock, but the ex-Sporting keeper solved the situation after he blocked the shot of Joe Barton. But the controversial midfielder had his vengeance as he scored the winning goal in the penalty shootout; this after Riki missed his chance.

Grey presentation of a Deportivo that despite the boredom it demonstrated that’s trying to evolve, however the Galician team continues to show the same lack of aim and depth. The best thing is that the major part of the new signings (Saul, Ruben Perez and Michel) are showing interesting things that will be useful during the regular season. This is the second straight Teresa Herrera that Depor loses in the penalty shootout (the previous one against Atletico Madrid). Now Depor will travel again to England, this time in order to face West Ham United (Saturday, 16h00 CET).

Comments of Lotina:  ”It wasn’t a bad match, we were fine in the first part, showing the football that we want to practice. In the second half, will all the changes, things were more disordered. We are just trying to improve, the team is showing more football that in previous years and we are fine at defence.” 

Deportivo: Manu - Manuel Pablo, Aythami, Lopo, Stopira (Laure 46') - Rubén Pérez (Zé Castro 70’), Juan Rodríguez (Juan Domínguez 46) - Saúl (Valerón 66’), Míchel (Pablo Álvarez 51’), Urreta (Guardado 46’) - Riki.
Newcastle: Harper (Krul 45’) - Coloccini, José Enrique, Barton, Guthrie (Nolan 45’) - Carroll, Routledge, Perch - Xisco (Jonás 45’), Taylor, Best (Lovenkrands 73’).
Penalties: 0-1: Lovenkrands,1-1:  Zé Castro, 1-2: Nolan, 1-2: Riki missed the target, 1-3: Carroll, 2-3: Aythami), 2-4: Taylor, 3-4: Guardado, 3-5: Barton.
Referee: Ramírez Domínguez. He showed yellow card to Manu ; Taylor, Barton, Perch and Nolan.
Venue: Riazor (8,000)



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