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05 Aug 2010
Lotina was content with the performance of the team, while the players were feeling sorry for not winning the game despite having the control over the actions.

Despite that Deportivo wasn’t able to score a goal in the match, coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was pretty content with the performance of the team, “You already saw it: this year we have players with more quality and you already saw what they can do. The new signings are adding new stuff to our team.”
About the game, the Basque man said that, ”It wasn’t a bad match, we were fine in the first part, showing the football that we want to practice. In the second half, will all the changes, things were more disordered. We are just trying to improve; the team is showing more football that in previous years and we are fine at defence. Sometimes we wanted to put so much pressure that the withdraw wasn’t good at all”

A thing that called the attention was his response when he was asked about a possible reinforcement for the left-back position, “We will keep working on this issue, and evidently we need to reinforce that position.” Lotina didn’t want to confirm any name or the state of the negotiations.

Meanwhile, Augusto Cesar Lendoiro said about the issue that, “We still working in terms of new signings and loans.” Depor’s president also showed his disappointment with Sergio for his demand before the players’ association (AFE), "Everyone defends their interests, but there are some people who can only leave through the back door. There are times when you must understand that your career is over; you can’t change your behavior just because the relationship with a company is over. It's sad that this has happened because it had been nine years.”

Juan Dominguez was one of the surprises in the game as he was recovered from his injury, he said to be fine and that, “We missed some punch; we had the ball possession and the control over the game. It’s a pity as we were willing to win the Teresa Herrera.”

New signing Michel gave also his opinion of the match, “We had the weight of the game on our shoulders, also the control of the match and the ball possession, the pity is that we weren’t able to score.” The playmaker was also explaining the injury that he suffered, “I thought it was the knee, but fortunately they told me it is only a small blow.”

Riki was also trying to be optimistic, “Maybe we didn’t have the needed depth, but we still have a month and we are improving in that sense. In a collective level we can say that the team is improving; it must be one of our virtues and little by little we are gaining that.”

Finally, Newcastle’s coach, Chris Hughton, told to reporters that the Premiership season is going to be tough, "The league is going to be difficult, we just got promoted and will face quality teams, so it will be difficult, but the most important thing is that we arrived in order to compete with them."




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