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11 Aug 2010
Deportivo will face Pontevedra FC on Thursday in Lalin; at the same time the club is trying to close a friendly against AS Bari for next week. These two matches, alongside the one with Parma FC, will be the last ones before the debut in liga.

The seventh pre-season match for Depor will take place on Thursday as Lotinaís team will visit Lalin in order to face Pontevedra CF, a club that currently plays at Segunda Divisiůn B and that will be the rival of Fabril during the regular season. Itís the first match against a Galician neighbor in almost a year. Itís also the second friendly on the pre-season that Deportivo will play in Spain after losing the Teresa Herrera against Newcastle United.

Depor had a blank space on this week as the next friendly is scheduled until August 21 against Parma FC; actually the Galician club is trying to seize the trip to Italy in order to play a second friendly. According to this match will be against AS Bari, Italian club that ended tenth on the past Calcio season. For the moment both clubs are still negotiating and the idea is to play on August 18. These three friendly games will be the last ones before the debut in liga against Real Zaragoza. talked to Deporís spokesman, Rafael Carpacho, and he confirmed that the possibility of playing in Brazil is now discarded as it would meant a long trip to just play a single match, something that could affect the physical state of the team ahead of the liga campaign. Deportivo was invited by Brazilian club Flamengo in order to celebrate the centenary of the Maracana stadium.

At the same time, Carpacho explained the situation with Italian club Catania Calcio; he said that this club was promoting a friendly game against Deportivo for this Sunday without waiting for an official confirmation from Deportivo. In the end the Italians are facing Villarreal B. Deporís spokesman explained that the reason why the friendly in Catania was discarded was the difficulty to reach that region during this stage of the year (east coast of Sicily facing the Ionian Sea, between Messina and Syracuse).

So far on the pre-season, Deportivo has played six friendly matches and the results were: 0-1 Vs Young Boys, 1-1 Vs Twente (loss in the penalty shootout, 3-3 Vs Union Berlin, 1-0 Vs Cardiff City FC, 0-0 Vs Newcastle United (loss in the penalty shootout) and 0-0 Vs West Ham (loss in the penalty shootout).

On Tuesday, Depor Sport announced that the club already paid the debt had with RCD Mallorca for the past transfer of Albert Luque. The amount paid was for Ä1,086,445 and it was the last part of the whole operation. The paper even published the letter from la liga in which the secretary of the institution was confirming that the issue is already solved. Mallorca presented a demand before la liga in December of 2009; due to this problem Deportivo was forbidden to inscribe new signings during the winter window and the prohibition was still on.

Now, the ban has been lifted and Deportivo can already inscribe its newest incorporations; until this point the Galician club has signed five new players (Michel, Urreta, Desmarets, Saul, Ruben Perez), but they havenít been inscribed for the liga season 2010/11, which is normal as the major part of the club do it until the end of August. Deportivo has until the end of the month in order to do it. At the same time, Depor Sport claims that Mallorca owes Ä400,000 for the past transfer of Dudu Aouate; the club from Baleares is currently under a bankruptcy estate and itís very unlikely that they will fulfill the debt in the short term.



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