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13 Aug 2010
Second victory for Deportivo on the pre-season; Lotina’s team had problems within the first thirty minutes, but it improved in the second part. Fabril’s Andre Andre debuted with the first team during the second half.

Lotina announced that he was going to use two different lineups for each half of the derby against Pontevedra; he also picked Fabril’s playmaker Andre Andre for the encounter, this since Michel was still injured. The other casualties for injury reasons were Ze Castro and Aranzubia, while the international players (Guardado, Stopira, Adrian and Ruben Perez) were also out of the game. The game was played as part of an invitation of Galician neighbor Pontevedra (Bitanco trophy)

For the first half the Basque coach picked a 4-2-3-1 formation, Manu was the starting keeper, Laure played at the right-back position, Seoane covered the left spot and the central defenders were Lopo and Aythami. The two pivotes were Antonio Tomas and Juan Dominguez; Saul appeared at the right wing; Desmarets played on the left, Lassad was the playmaker and Fabril’s Dioni was the central attacker.

Deportivo was a soft team within the first thirty minutes; it had difficulties to pass the ball and during some specific moments Segunda B club Pontevedra looked brighter and more dangerous. However, Lotina’s team was the one having the best scoring opportunities, mainly through the crosses of Laure from the right side.

Lassad had a clear chance after a combination between Seoane and Saul, but he missed the target (20´). Some minutes later the Tunisian was replaced by Valerón after a collision with a rival (he suffered a toe injury). The entry of El Flaco gave fresh ideas to Depor and Desmarets was close to score after a play of Juan Dominguez, but the shot of the French winger was blocked by local keeper Orlando Quintana (27’).

And Pontevedra surprised as it scored the first goal of the game; it was after a cross from the right that winger Rubén Reyes headed into the net. Depor reacted mainly thanks to Saul Fernández, who was going to participate in Depor’s first two goals. At minute 39, the Asturian winger made a solo-play that ended with a shot that was deflected by Orlando Quintana, then Valerón found the ball inside the box and the Canarian just had to push the ball in, though the playmaker hit the post first.

As he promised, Lotina changed the whole team for the second half, with the exceptions of Valerón, Saul and Juan Dominguez; Diego Rivas was now at the goal, Manuel Pablo covered the right-back spot, Raul Garcia the left and the central defenders were Rochela and Colotto; Juan Rodriguez joined Juan Dominguez at midfield; Pablo Alvarez was the left winger, Valerón the playmaker, Saul the right winger and Riki the central attacker.

Just three minutes after the kick-off, Saul appeared again and scored the second goal after receiving a pass from Juan Dominguez. The winger entered into the area and seized the chance trough a crossed shot. The truth is that the modifications lowered the pace of the match, but the difference now was that Depor was controlling the actions and Pontevedra never gave any problem to Diego Rivas.

Together with Saul, Riki was another player that was very active in the game; the Madrilenian was the one that scored the third goal as he took a penalty-kick after defender Dani Pendín handled the ball inside the area. For the final minutes Lotina allowed the debut of Andre Andre with the first team.

Lotina’s team didn’t present a better image compared to the previous friendly matches, but at least it scored the goals. Actually it’s the second time in which Depor scored three goals in one single game during this pre-season (the other was the 3-3 drew at Union Berlin). Saul was the best man in the game and the contribution of Valerón and Riki should be also mentioned.

Now the club has announced that it is studying the possibility of making a mini-concentration on next week, which will include two more friendly games, though it isn’t know where or against whom. The rumour is that it will be in Athens before meeting Olympiakos. Lotina talked after the match and he announced that the arrival of the new left-back defender is close to occur, “We are waiting for the yes or no from one club. We presented an offer and that club has asked for some hours in order to study the proposition. If they say no, then we have another option.

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Manu - Laure, Lopo, Aythami, Seoane - Antonio Tomás, Juan Domínguez - Saúl, Lassad, Desmarets - Dioni. Also played: Diego Rivas, Manuel Pablo, Colotto, Raúl, Rochela, Juan Rodríguez, Valerón, Pablo Álvarez, Riki and André André. 
Pontevedra:  (4-2-3-1) Quintana - Aitor, Castaño, Neru, Noel - Santi Amaro, Pendín - Gerardo, Padín, Reyes - Igor. Also played: Keita, Adrián Cruz, Tiko Messina, Ibán Espadas, Douglas, Denís, Freire, Joel and Sarró. 
Goals: 1-0: (29’) Rubén Reyes, 1-1: (39’) Valerón, 1-2: (48’) Saúl, 1-3: (66’) Riki (penalty)
Referee: Óscar Martínez. He showed yellow card to Gerardo (16’)
Venue: Manuel Anxo Cortizo (1,200)



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