14 Aug 2010
Central defender David Rochela talked to Depor Sport about his appearance as midfielder against West Ham; he also explained his expectations ahead of the new season.

Q: Against West Ham you played as a pivote, how did you feel playing alongside Juan Rodriguez on that position?
A: Fine. I felt comfortable, and besides the team mates were always talking to me, so things were easier.

Q: On this season it seemed you were going to play as a central defender, were you surprised to play on that position?
A: Itís the same for me. I am one of those players who think that, as long as you can perform in other, the better. I will play wherever they tell me to do it.

Q: Which is the most complicate position for you?
A: I am more used to perform as a central defender, maybe thatís why itís a little harder to play at midfield, but itís a matter of adapting. When I played there the coaches asked me to be more defensive and those are things I can do, so it doesnít mean any problem for me.

Q: What was your balance on that game against West Ham ?
A: The team made a serious match, especially in the first part;  I do believe we controlled the actions. Maybe they tighten the things at the end of the second half, but itís normal, because they were better in a physical sense. They are about to debut in liga, but sincerely I thing we made a good game.

Q: However, it seems the team still has a problem to score the goalsÖ
A: I think the goals will arrive. We are creating scoring opportunities and against West Ham we had four; sooner or later the opportunities will come. Itīs like the physical level of the team: as soon as the team is fit the goals will arrive.

Q: But the game against West Ham was boringÖ
A: Maybe, but we created scoring opportunities, we even had an attempt of Lassad that hit the post, later we also released some good crosses, an attempt to score for Colotto and another for Dioni. We had some chances and I think itís a matter of continuing working.

Q: After seven friendly games you can already extract some conclusions, do you see a more competitive squad compared to last season?
A: It might be, because thereís more competition for the starting positions, the new arrivals are adding things and I think we are going on the right direction.

Q: So, can Depor play better?
A: I believe that yes, we are following that path, and I believe we can do it due to the group we have.

Q: Recently it was confirmed that Aythami will stay at Deportivo and that fact makes us think that it isnít know yet which central defender will be discarded, do you see your situation as undefined?
A: No, I am really calmed. I have the advantage that, if I canít play at the first squad, then I could be with Fabril, and Segunda Divisiůn B isnít a bad league. I still can learn some things, which is the important thing at my age, so I should be the most calmed central defender.

Q: Do you think that your work is appreciated?
A: Yes, I am starting to have some minutes and actually during the past season I had some opportunities at Primera Divisiůn; that means that the coach has confidence on me. Now, I must thank that confidence giving my best effort.

Q: Whatís your personal goal for this season?
A: What we all want is to play at the first team, thatís clear; and the better if we play for a lot of minutes. Neither I have a target of minutes, but I will love to play at the upper team.



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