15 Aug 2010
Central defender Diego Colotto talked to Depor Sport and analysed the upcoming season; the Argentine is hoping to clinch one of the starting spots at the centre of the defence.

Q: On the past week you played a game in London against West Ham, how was the experience?
A: Very positive. Truly we had some problems with the trip, because we had a delay with the flight, but in a sporting sense things were fine. We faced an important team at the Premiership and weíre happy.

Q: How do you see the team?
A: We are improving and are following the idea of the coach; heís planning to change some aspects compared to the past season and we are trying to assimilate it as soon as possible.

Q: The defensive sector seems fine, actually you didnít allow any goal against two Premier League clubs.
A: I believe the performance of the whole team is improving: not only because we arenít allowing goals, neither because our defence is better than the offense. The idea is to improve in order to see the results during the first game in liga.

Q: However, it seems the team is missing to score the goals
A: We are conscious of been a hard working team that depends on others, and that means that we , as it happened on the past year, should try to take the maximum advantage of the goals we score, no matter is one or two goals, this in order to win the matches.

Q: Do you think the club needs to sign a new forward?
A: I guess itís a decision of the coach and the clubís officials; they will analyze the positions where we could need reinforcements. The situation isnít easy at any place, and all depends on the coachís decision. For the moment the new signings are adapted to the team and I think they will add competition to the group.

Q: Has the coach said something to you?
A: No. We just try to keep improving and obviously we need to correct some issues in attack, as it could happen in any line. I canít say if we are missing somebody or not, because there are other partners that are trying to do their best. If the coach decides that someone has to arrive for those positions, then it will be welcomed.

Q: And the left-back position?
A: Obviously, the team had an important player in Filipe, so we will have to search for other options in order to attack. The coach, with the players he has, must decide how he wants to do the things.

Q: How do you see the new signings?
A: They are fine. They feel comfortable, because the group has welcomed them. I think the new arrivals are balancing our midfield sector, because last year the coach had to put some men to perform in some places that arenít their natural positions.

Q: At the European clubs, when the Argentines and Uruguayans meet each other in one club, normally thereís a good vibe between them. How is your relation with Urreta?
A: Fine. Itís clear that thereís always an affinity due to the culture and the way to see the things. I tried to help to see him adapted and to find a place to live. Thatí always important, because it happened to me and at the time. I was lucky to have the help of Fabricio (Coloccini), so I try to do the same with Urreta.

Q: Were you missing to have team mates from your zone?
A: Itís always good to have South American players at the team, at least itís what I think.

Q: Do you see as a real possibility the arrival of another South American player for the left-back position or the attacking line?
A: I donít know, thereís always the possibility, but the coach knows whatís best and what he wants for the team.  I hope it will be a good player that can help the team.

Q: How are things going with the new system implemented by Lotina?
A: Fine. We are assimilating the idea in each game, because the team tries to have the ball possession. We try to be ordered at defence. The fact of having the ball possession gives the team a more protagonic role, so we need to create more scoring opportunities and to minimize the counterattacks from the rival.

Q: Do you agree with the coach as he said that the team could play better on the new season?
A: Yes. The will of the coach must be translated to the players and we must be convinced that, if this is the idea, we must work on it. Later we will see the circumstances. Letís hope we can keep the regularity with our game and the results.

Q: Do you see yourself as an starter for matchday one?
A: I always work in order to play. I always train thinking of been a starter, but later you face the competence inside the team, so our duties are always the same: to work hard in order to be a starter in the next day. I do believe that we all think in the same way, so we fight in the attempt to be part of the starting eleven.

Q: Anyhow, on this year thereís a big competence at the centre of the defence
A: Well, in the year of my arrival we also were six, because we had Pablo Amo, though he was injured. It is one of the positions in which the competence has been bigger within the last years, so itís a good thing for the team. I just want to clinch one of the two starting spots.

Q: How do you see the calendar for the first matchdays, with games against Zaragoza, Sevilla, Getafe and Villarreal?
A: Itís going to be difficult, because those rivals already have a structure and are well formed. Besides, some of them were at the top places during the past season. We need to have a strong start, because with good results itís easier to improve any error you might have.



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