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16 Aug 2010
In two weeks Deportivo will be debuting in liga against Real Zaragoza, but before it will make a mini-tour in Greece and Italy. Physical trainer Eduardo Dominguez explained the planning for this last phase on the pre-season.

Tomorrow, Deportivo begins the final part of the pre-season as it will travel to Greece in order to play a friendly against Olympiacos, later the Galicians will fly to Italy in order to play a friendly against SS Lazio. The coaching staff will also use the occasion to modify the training intensity of the squad. And itís that Depor wonít only play two friendly games outside of Spain, but will also complete five training sessions.

Something that was explained by Deporís physical trainer Eduardo Dominguez, ď"So far we have played many games and the intensity of the trainings has been very high, but the players still missing the freshness that they would like. What we want now is to lower the intensity, the volume of the sessions and to change the training methods ahead of the competition.Ē

"We will reinforce the speed and the explosive power by increasing the work with the ball; specifically, it will be done through speed tasks, one-on-one situations, two against two, and three against three, things that we havenít done yet.Ē He added.
Dominguez also explained that the long period of vacations influenced in the planning for the pre-season, "It is possible that the vacations period, which was very long, more than other years, has forced us to put more emphasis on the physical work. In the first weeks we increased the intensity of the trainings, with double sessions. Now this will be reduced, because the players are feeling more capable and having more tools to face the friendly matches."

Finally, the physical trainer assured that these long trips are also useful for the players, "A long trip supposes to accumulate fatigue in addition to what you already feel with the training. We have been affected in the previous friendly games, but it was worthy because we have faced good teams that had forced us to confront adverse circumstances in a tactical and physical level. All this, including the trip, is welcomed, with all due respect, itís better than having to play against a team from Regional Preferente. Now is the time to accumulate of everything."



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