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17 Aug 2010
Lotina told to reporters that the club has five candidates in order to cover the departure of Filipe Luis; three of them are Muniesa, Planas and Bellvis, while the other two choices are veteran players that aren’t Spaniards.

The issue of the new left-back defender that Deportivo needs is getting more complicated; on the past week coach Miguel Angel Lotina said that there were two candidates for the job and even assured that the club was just waiting for an answer after presenting an offer. On the weekend the Basque man confirmed that that offer was presented to Barcelona for Marc Muniesa, an 18-year-old central defender that can also perform on the left side.

But on Monday the picture changed completely as Lotina gave new hints about the situation at the transfer market. It was after the training session as the Basque man said that, "Muniesa and Planas are really young, but both are prepared to play at Depor. However, Barca has a team at Segunda A and maybe they will need both of them, that's why we are waiting for an answer and to see if their coaches count with them. First we have to decide if it will be a loan and then we will see the terms of the operation. It isn't clear yet. But we have other options and two of them aren’t Spanish. There's the chance to hire a 25-year-old player that will come loaned and there are other two veterans that would come in a final transfer; they have a lot of experience in big clubs."

In resume, there are five options for the left-back position; the first two are Barca B players Muniesa and Carles Planas, this last one is a 19-year-old youngster who’s the starting left-back at the Barcelona B squad, and that recently played the UEFA U-17 championship with Spain. The idea on these two cases is to negotiate a loan spell, though it will be difficult to include a buyout option.

The third choice is the 25-year-player that will also come after a loan negotiation; Lotina didn’t reveal the name, but on this case it was Depor Sport the source that revealed the target: Carlos Bellvis, who currently belongs to Tenerife, though the media at the Canary Islands was surprised with the news since they don’t expect the exit of the defender. About the other two candidates, nothing is known, just what Lotina said about them (“two veterans that would come in a final transfer; they have a lot of experience in big clubs.”)

More complicated is the situation for the arrival of a new striker; Lotina would love to add more gunpowder to the attack of Deportivo, but until this point he hasn’t found the player that he wants. Something that he explained once again on Monday, “This issue still bad. It’s much more complicated; we are looking to some players, but without a clear decision.”



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