18 Aug 2010
Winger Andrés Guardado gave an interview to Sportpaper AS to explain his expectations on the new season; the Mexican is aware of the rumours linking him with other clubs, but prefers to focus on gaining more weight at Deportivo.

Q: You have only played two games on this summer, but you look great. What happened?
A: I've seen myself better than expected. I feel I have more responsibility and weight on the team, and I must prove that on the field.

Q: It appears that you won’t leave Depor on this year. Do you think you are giving a step backwards?
A: Not at all. I always try to see the positive side of things and to stay a year at Depor isn’t a setback in my career, it doesn’t mean I have wasted a season. I’ve one more campaign to get more weight at Depor and at the Spanish league. I must be a reference at my team and if later some offer comes for me, the better.

Q: Chicharito has joined Manchester (United) and some people already see you at Old Trafford...
A: For me it is a compliment to be linked with those kinds of teams, but I neither think we must give more importance to it, because it was a rumor. What is good is that Chicharito is opening the doors for Mexicans. He is on fire and made a great pre-season; he has created much excitement and it’s a benefit for everyone.

Q: Do you think that your tranquility is related to the fact that you know you are staying?
A: Perhaps, because every summer, like it or not, there are always a lot of rumours, and that creates anxiety. Luckily now I'm really quiet and am focused on Depor. I hope to have a good year; personally and for the team.

Q: How are you seeing Depor on this pre-season?
A: It’s the year in which we had more ball possession during the pre-season games. We have personality, but we are missing definition, something in which we have failed within the three years I been here.

Q: But it seems that a reinforcement will arrive...
A: Hopefully, some of our forwards will have a good run; maybe they will score ten or twelve goals and will release us from the pressure. We have always been a team that shared the goals.

Q: Is this Depor better or worse than a few months ago?
A: That will be dictated by the results on the league. We are very excited about the signings of young people.



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