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19 Aug 2010
New grey presentation of a Deportivo that clinched a clean sheet, but the team still facing big problems against the opposite goal. Manu was the best player, while Ruben Perez and Juan Dominguez left a positive impression.

It was the penultimate test before the debut in liga, therefore coach Miguel Angel Lotina was trying to prepare the best possible squad before the event. Once again the Basque presented a 4-2-3-1 formation; with Manu at the goal, Laure at the right-back position, Diego Seoane as the improvised left-back defender, while Lopo and Colotto were the central defenders.

Antonio Tomás and Ruben Pérez were the two pivotes; Saul appeared at the right wing, Guardado was on the left, Juan Dominguez was the playmaker and Riki the lonely attacker. Meanwhile, Olympiacos was arriving after destroying AS Roma on the past week (5-1), and with several familiar faces, like coach Ernesto Valverde, Spanish defender Raul Bravo midfielder Ariel Ibagaza, plus Brazilian Diogo.

Deportivo had big problems to control the attacks from the locals; the Galicians seemed to have the ball possession, but the quick attacks from Olympiacos always froze a defensive line that was looking very slow, especially at the sides marked by Laure and Seoane. Meanwhile, nothing was happening in attack as Riki barely touched the ball, actually the Madrilenian never had an attempt to score. The only combinative game seemed to be in the boots of Ruben Perez and Juan Dominguez, but Lotina’s team missed the needed depth on the wings (Guardado and Saul never appeared).

Despite not having the ball, the locals created three clear opportunities within the first twenty minutes; first Dennis Rommedahl missed the target after a clearance that surprised the central defenders (5’), later Laure failed to contain the danger and Greek international Konstantinos Mitroglou had an attempt to score from the penalty spot, but Manu made the save, then the other side defender, Seoane, was surpassed in a play in which Ioannis Fetfatzidis should have scored, but once again the ball went out.

The only scoring opportunity for Depor in the first half was on the boots of Juan Dominguez, who received a pass at the edge of the area, but the Galician youngster missed the target as his shot passed near to the post. Things were more calmed within the final twenty minutes and the only opportunity before half-time was a free-kick of Ioannis Papadopoulos that Manu stopped (43’).

The second half started in the same way than the first part: with Olympiacos having clear opportunities. Just one minute after the kick-off ex-Zaragoza man Diogo was close to score through a header that hit the crossbar, and later  another ex-Zaragoza player, Oscar Gonzalez, was also heading a cross from the right, but in this occasion the ball missed the target (55’).

With the pass of the minutes Olympiacos started to take total control of the actions, then Lotina made his substitutions as Desmarets, Juan Rodriguez, Valerón and Adrian entered for Ruben Perez, Saul, Juan Dominguez and Riki.

In the end nothing changed and Deportivo was still facing problems to create scoring opportunities, the only chance for the visitors in this half was a combination between Adrian and Juan Dominguez that ended in nothing as a rival blocked the shot from the Galician midfielder. The last chance for the locals was on the boots of midfielder Georgios Katsikogiannis, but Manu made a great save (87’).

New flat game of Deportivo on the pre-season; the Galicians faced some problems in defence though it was able to keep the clean sheet, but the truth is that Lotina’s team still facing big troubles to create scoring opportunities. Depor never completed a shoot on target and the lonely two attempts to score were on the boots of Juan Dominguez, while Ruben Perez also left a positive impression, without forgetting that Manu was the best player in the game thanks to his saves.

Now Depor will fly to Rome in order to face SS Lazio on Sunday (Estadio Olimpico, 21h00 CET), match that will be the last one on the pre-season. One week later Lotina’s team will debut in liga against Real Zaragoza (Riazor, 17h00 CET)

Olympiakos: Pardo - Mellberg, Galitsios, Dudu, Bravo - Fetfatzidis, Papadopoulos - Mitroglou, Romendahl, Soiledis - Papadopoulos. Also played Modesto, Oscar, Ibagaza, Diogo, Zairi, Katsikogiannis, Holebas, Torosidis and Riera.
Deportivo: Manu - Laure, Lopo, Colotto, Seoane - Antonio Tomas, Rubén Pérez (Desmarets 75’) - Saúl (Juan Rodríguez 75’), Juan Domínguez (Valerón 83’), Guardado -  Riki (Adrian 68’).
Referee: Stavros Tritdonis. He showed yellow card to Guardado.
Venue: Karaiskakis Stadium



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