20 Aug 2010
Asturian Saul talked to newspaper La Opiniůn a CoruŮa and analysed the situation at Deportivo; he said to be happy because this is the pinnacle of his career as a footballer.

Q: How is your adaptation to the team?
A: Very good. Little by little Iím adapting to the team, both the way of playing as to what the coach wants from me.

Q: What does the coach asks from you?
A: More or less what all the wingers must do: to use our speed to and to create scoring opportunities, releasing crosses and, above all, participating in the game. We are trying to have a strong ball possession and also to play well. Thatís why he asks us to be dynamic and to participate in all the actions. And then there's the work we do on defense, very important: to support the pivotes and the side defenders, to bring aids to the closest peer.

Q: Is this a promising team?
A: Actually, yes. For my way of seeing things, this Depor looks very good. Both for the squad as for the work we are doing. Hopefully this will bring positive results.

Q: Last season Depor missed to have more wingers. You play better on the outside, at the border of the lane, right?
A: I think the wingers must be prepared to play both inside and outside. The truth is that I have always played at the edge of the lane, but I can do it on the inside. There are moments in the game where you have to play on the inside and others when you must do the opposite. It changes from game to game, and depending on the position of the ball. Although I wasnít here, I know that last season we missed more wingers, but I think that with the new arrivals we now have a lot of people that can perform there, and in that sense I think that the team is balanced .

Q: You already played at Primera with Malaga and then with Levante, and now you are returning after two seasons at Segunda in Elche. Is this your best moment?
A: It's a totally different stage, I am more prepared now. After several years playing professional football, I think I'm more qualified. Besides, I am arriving to a good team and with the tranquility of being one more player. It's not like when you're young or when you have to demonstrate quickly that you can do the job. So thatís why I'm playing with confidence, thatís when everyone plays better. I'm much more prepared and I think I've arrived to A CoruŮa in the sweetest moment of my career.

At Levante, three seasons ago, you met Pedro Leon. Did you fight for a spot?
A: That was a strange season. At first, with Abel, we didnít play. Then, with Italian De Biasi, we started to play. But it was an irregular season, and neither Pedro nor I were lucky and never had the continuity that we needed. Juanma was there, the one from Betis, and he was the one always playing; he was at a high level, and was the best player of that Levante. It was difficult to play on that team, because we had players of great history, as Savio, and others with large contracts.

Q: Whatís your first memory of Deportivo as a fan?
A: Well, the Superdepor, with Claudio, who was my coach at Elche, with Bebeto, the famous Depor of Arsenio Iglesias.... I remember that when they played in Oviedo or Gijůn they were passing through my village, Trevias, and you could watch cars with fans, all full of flags.

Q: Have you asked references to Claudio?
A: I talked to him several times. He said it was a very good place and that it was the top team of his career. He said it was a great opportunity for me and encouraged me to exploit it. Itís a good friend and a great coach.

Q: Are you surprised with any team mate?
A: I was surprised by the environment at the locker room. There is a great atmosphere. People are very humble, very normal, all great friends and colleagues. I think itís very important to have a united group, because when things go wrong the problems are exacerbated when there are divided groups inside the teams.

Q: At that time, when Depor passed through your village, when you were a child, who was your idol?
A: The players that have marked me are Figo and Luis Enrique. Figo because he was a crack and played in my position. And Luis Enrique, for everything: for been Asturian, for his race, the character he had, his versatility and because it was a great player for Spain.



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