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13 Sep 2010
Depor clinched a point at the Sánchez Pizjuán thanks to Manu, the work of the defenders and some good luck. Lopo had a clear chance to score, but in the end the Galicians return to La Coruña with their second goalless game of the season.

Lotina sent the two changes that he announced on Saturday, and in the end both modifications were a surprise as it meant the debuts in liga of 21-year-old Ruben Perez and veteran Yves Desmarets. The first one was appearing as one of the two pivotes joining Antonio Tomás, while the French was the playmaker in the formation.

It was a 4-2-3-1 figure; with Manu at the goal, Manuel Pablo performing at the right-back position, Claudio Morel was on the left side; Colotto and Lopo were the central defenders. Antonio Tomas and Ruben Perez were at midfield, Urreta was the right winger, Desmarets the playmaker, Guardado was on the left flank and the central attacker was Adrian.

At Sevilla coach Antonio Álvarez presented a 4-4-2 figure, something that was expected for the meeting, but with a couple of surprises as Brazilians Luis Fabiano and Renato were on the bench, while Italian Tiberio Guarente and ex-Almeria Alvaro Negredo were starters.

New solid performance of Depor’s defense; and it’s that the defensive strategy of Lotina was worthy as the team was able to contain the major part of Sevilla’s attacks, though Perotti was giving a lot of problems at the right side of Depor’s defence, but in the end both Lopo and Colotto were clearing up all the attempts from the locals. The rest was good luck as the ball hit twice the crossbar.

The first approximation of the locals came at minute 2, it was after Desmarets and Ruben Pérez lost the ball at midfield and in the end Kanoute made a long-distance shot that was stopped by Manu. It was an early warning, but also the only attempt from a striker that already had six goals in his tally against Depor. And Lotina’s team responded in a fast play in which Morel drilled a cross from the left, it was too long for Guardado, but not for Adrian, who attempted from the far post, but Palop made the save (4’).

Depor was well positioned within the first fifteen minutes, it had problems to attack, but so it was for Sevilla. Actually the Galicians were having the ball possession within these minutes. Guardado and Urreta were busier marking the corridors at the sides, while Desmarets and Adrian were forced to retreat to midfield in order to have contact with the ball.

At minute 17, Negredo had his first attempt to score as Perotti made a great play on the left to assist the ex-Almeria striker, and his final shot was stopped by Manu. That play opened the eyes of Sevilla, and it’s that the Andalusians decided to focus their efforts on that side of the pitch. And it’s that Manuel Pablo was constantly surpassed by the skillful winger, then the weight of the defense was on the shoulders of Colotto and Lopo, duo that was clearing all the crosses sent into Depor’s box.

Little by little, Sevilla started to earn the ball possession and it was pretty clear that the strategy of Depor was to hold on the rival, and later to try to steal the ball in the attempt to release a fast counterattack. At the 25th minute, Zokora made a great play passing over the two pivotes of Depor plus Desmarets, the play ended again in a long-range shot that was stopped by Manu.

And the big chance of Sevilla in this half came a minute 32, again Perotti made the play on the left and sent a dangerous cross into the box that Negredo headed before Manu, and the resulting volley hit the crossbar just when the goal was empty. Two minutes later a new penetration on the left led by Perotti ended with a shot of Jesus Navas that missed the target. The final minutes were more calmed for Depor, and the squad tried to unleash a couple of fast attacks, but nothing happened.

The final part was more complicated for Depor. Sevilla pushed stronger and had countless chances to score. All started with a new great chance for the locals; it was a corner-kick of Perotti that central defender Martin Caceres headed on target, Manu made a great save at the centre of the goal, though the ball was still on the box, in the end the same Caceres sent the ball out from close range (48’). Two minutes later Manu was stopping a cross of Jesus Navas searching for Kanoute.

At minute 53, Perotti was close to score after a play of Jesus Navas on the right, the assist from the right couldn’t be cleared by Manuel Pablo and then the Argentine winger tried to chip the ball over the keeper, but it went out. Lotina noticed that his team was easily losing the ball in attack, which was putting more pressure over the defensive line. That’s why he decided to allow the entry of Lassad, who replaced Desmarets and the ex-Fabril started to perform as the playmaker of the team.

And Depor’s biggest opportunity in the game came at minute 58; Depor took a free-kick at the left side, Urreta released a nice cross into the box, just where Lopo was standing alone, but his header went over the crossbar.  Two minutes later Sevilla unleashed a fast counteract after Depor took a corner-kick, again Perotti appeared and again Manu cleared the shot that was looking for the far post.

The entry of Lassad brought oxygen to Depor, because the Tunisian was more connected with the wingers compared to Desmarets , though Depor was still missing depth. At the 65th minute Negredo made a great play inside the box, and again Manu appeared to clear the danger as the Asturian stopped the short-range shot of the striker.

Then Antonio Álvarez sent Jose Carlos and Renato to replace Kanoute and Guarante, and just one minute later Jose Carlos released a volley that left Negredo alone inside the box, but he missed to connect the ball and later the danger was cleared by Lopo.

Sevilla was now having a 4-5-1 figure on the pitch, a switch trying to asphyxiate Depor at midfield, and Lotina reacted with the entry of Juan Rodriguez for Antonio Tomas. But nothing seemed to be stopping Sevilla, at the 72nd minute, Navas sent a perfect cross from the right that Konko headed at the penalty spot, and his effort hit the crossbar.

Luis Fabiano entered for the final fifteen minutes replacing Negredo; the presence of the Brazilian and the one of Kanute were feared by Depor, but the truth is that the duo never appeared in the game. Better was the work of Negredo as he had seven attempts to score; and the harassment of Sevilla continued as Jose Carlos attempted from long-distance, and Manu stopped the ball (77’); later a header of Konko, after a corner-kick, missed the goal. Then Lotina put more mark at midfield as Juca replaced Ruben Pérez, who was having muscular problems after the hard battle at midfield territory.

The intensity of the game continued until the final minutes; Sevilla was pressing with everything, but it missed to have more clear opportunities. Actually the chances of Depor in the stoppage time were clearer, but neither Adrian nor Guardado found the target.

Suffered result for a Deportivo that continues to miss the goal, but that neither is allowing the rival to harm its intact goal, though this time it also had some good luck as Sevilla had countless occasions, including two that ended at the crossbar. Manu made a great game and his eight saves also explains why Lotina’s team is returning to La Coruña with a point inside the pocket. The true is that the Galicians could even have picked the three points, but Lopo missed a great chance when he was alone against the goal.

It’s the second scoreless game for Deportivo on the liga season; now the Galicians return to the Riazor in order to play its first Monday night match in the competition; it will be against Getafe CF (September 20, 21h00 CET).

Sevilla: Palop - Konko, Martín Cáceres, Escudé, Fernando Navarro - Jesús Navas, Guarante (Renato 66’), Zokora, Perotti – Negredo (Luis Fabiano 75’), Kanouté (Juan Carlos 66’).
Deportivo: Manu – Manuel Pablo, Colotto, Lopo, Morel – Rubén Pérez (Juca 78’), Antonio Tomás (Juan Rodríguez 69’) – Urreta, Desmarets (Lassad 57’), Guardado - Adrián
Referee: Javier Turienzo Álvarez. He showed yellow card to Zokora (16’), Antonio Tomás (25’), Escude (66’), Martin Caceres (73’), Guardado (78´) and Lopo (86’)
Venue: Sánchez Pizjuán (40,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (57% - 43%); Total shots (24 - 11); Shots on target (12 - 2); Saves by the keepers (2 - 8); Corner-kicks  (5 - 2); Offsides (4 - 2); Fouls committed (8 - 12); Accuracy in the passes (86.51% - 80.79%)



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