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14 Sep 2010
Everybody was pleased with the point achieved at the Sánchez Pizjuán; Manu was saying that he is only the substitute of Aranzubia, while Antonio Álvarez was also pleased though his team lost two points at home.

Coach Miguel Angel Lotina was pretty content with what he saw over the grass of the Sanchez Pizjuán, “We were fine in the first part, moving the ball with some criterion, without clear opportunities to score, however things were equal. In the second we saw five minutes in which Sevilla was lost, but have pressed us a lot and the game became too long for us. We lost the ball, a bit for the changes. Antonio already had a yellow card, and then the change of Ruben (Perez) was because he was injured, and we lost control at midfield. Sevilla was pressing; we played against a great team with a tremendous physical strength and that has four more officials games than us, they are a little ahead than the other teams. It was hard for us in the second half, because we lost the ball. "

Later, he had a few words on the absence of Michel from the starting eleven, “"I wanted to see Desmarets, just an idea I had during the week. It’s logical to see him returning next week, and we count with him. The new ones still have to earn some things, stuff you can’t have in the evening to morning. Morel has just arrived, Ruben has been with the U-21 national team, but they will give us more options than other seasons and we are satisfied. "

 Finally, Lotina was asking for more time in order to build up his team, “I think we had the chance to score a goal and it was the same for Sevilla. We had a very clear chance for Lopo, but I think the team has the ability to score goals and we'll give them time. I will wait for eight or ten matchdays before making conclusions. I want you to understand that even though I've been here for four years, we are building a team, because we've got new players and the habits had changed, as it with the output of the ball, but we are building a team. Today we have done the right things at times, and at other moments we didn’t, but we are a team under construction. We want to change attitudes, so the message is not the same for the past three years, and that's going to take some time, but when we have the material then things can be done. We can do things suffering, fighting, but mostly working with a lot of sense. "

Albert Lopo had the big scoring opportunity in the game, he commented the play and at the same time praised the collective effort of the team, “I didn’t know how to seize that clear opportunity, it would surely made us win the game. Compared to the first game the team demonstrated that it knows how to play. Sevilla was difficult, but we saw a great Deportivo. Let’s hope we will continue with this streak of clean sheets.”

Antonio Tomás was also satisfied with the performance of the team, “This is a good result. We have made a very complete game. Sevilla had scoring opportunities, but it was the same for us, the result is fair. We have made a great work at defense. When you clinch a clean sheet then it means great news and it allowed us to add a point that leaves us with a good taste in the mouth; we were better compared to the game against Zaragoza.”

 The big hero on the game was Manu, The Asturian keeper was humble and said that he is only the replacement of Aranzubia, “I am here in order to cover the absence of Dani. It was given to me this match and the one against Zaragoza, and what I needed to do is to show on the pitch what I do during the trainings. The whole team made a great job, from the attacking line to defence, and that’s translated into a clean sheet. The strikers of Sevilla will dream will all our defenders, not only with me.”

Later he insisted that Aranzubia is the starting keeper at Depor, “We can question what Dani has made within the last two seasons, he has been among the best in Spain, he has given us a lot of points…he is a starting keeper that got injured, when he is able to surpass that injury, then he will return to be the starting keeper.”

At Sevilla, coach Antonio Álvarez was content despite his team lost two points at home, “The sensations are good although we only achieved a draw. We must be content for the match made by the team since it was against a complicate rival that knows how to defend, and that has coherency in its offensive tasks. In the second half, with the changes, the team improved, and I can’t make another reading; I believe we deserved to win. Maybe in another game we won’t have so many opportunities and will end winning.”





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