17 Sep 2010
Midfield Ruben Perez gave an interview to newspaper La Opinión A Coruña; the Andalusian talked of his debut at Primera División against Sevilla FC.

Q: On Sunday you debuted at Primera with Deportivo, how did you feel?
A: I felt very good. The truth it’s that almost like at home, because we were playing in my homeland, in Seville. It was special because there was my family and friends.

Q: And on the pitch? How would you rate the game on a personal level?
A: I felt comfortable and quiet. I’m happy as it was my first match with Deportivo at Primera. I'm usually very critical with myself, but the truth is that I was happy after facing Sevilla. But beyond the personal level, the important thing is the point. All teams would like to pick a point from Sevilla. It is an important tie.

Q: You ended exhausted. Even asked for the substitution in the final stretch of the game...
A: I had almost three months without playing an entire match. I was coming almost directly from the pre-season, instance in which the coach distributes the minutes. In addition I had to travel with the U-21 national team... The truth is that it was a long time without playing a full game. It was a small muscular problem, nothing important.

Q: Tired or not, September is a dream come true for you: debut with the U-21 team, debut with Deportivo at Primera...
A: I was thinking the same. It has been a pretty month, important. I made my debut with Deportivo and with the U-21 squad. Now we have two important matches against Croatia.

Q: Now it’s time to debut with Deportivo at the Riazor in a competitive match. You did it in the Teresa Herrera and the fans liked you...
A: I want to debut at the Riazor. People talk a lot of the game I did during the Teresa Herrera, but a player is not just one game. The season is very long and we still have to see if I'm the player they expected or not.

Q: Two games, two points. What are the aspirations of Deportivo on this season?
A: We have only played two league games and haven´t lost yet. We've have two points, but at this moment no one can speak of permanence or anything like it. I believe that Deportivo can fight for Europe.

Q: Lotina usually plays with a defensive midfielder and another offensive. Where do you feel more comfortable?
A: There are games in which you can pass the ball and in others don´t, and Sevilla lets you play. Lotina asked us to delay our position on the pitch in order to receive the ball from the central defenders and the keeper. I am more comfortable behind, but if the coach wants me to advance, no problem. The important thing is to play, wherever.

Q: The criticism is now focused on the striking line. Do you think that Depor lacks goal?
A: It is normal to judge the lack of scoring. We've had two scoreless games. But we can’t press the forwards. It’s true that they live from the goal, but also it has to come from the wingers, even I need to have more arrival... We have good strikers and we should not be accusing them. We are at the beginning of the season and they need some time.

Q: What seems clear is that, watching the starting eleven against Zaragoza and the one against Sevilla, it looks like nobody here has a fixed place…
A: Every game is different. We don’t need to have a fixed starting eleven; there are better players for a particular match than others. Sometimes, to have a fixed squad, it only accommodates the players.

Q: And now it’s time to play three games in seven days...
A: Yes, the first on Monday. We have three straight games and all of them complicated. Surely we will see rotations because it means a lot of minutes in a week.

Q: What has surprised you the most at Depor?
A: The atmosphere at the changing room is very good, it’s a united group. It is commented on the outside, and I can say it's true what everyone says.

Q: What partner has surprised you?
A: Valerón always Valerón.

Q: Why?
A: He is an unusual player. The calm that he has it helps you a lot.

Q: If you could, what qualities would you steal from El Flaco?
A; The ability to give the last pass.

Q: Do you think that it is the hardest thing?
A: Yes

Q: You signed a somewhat unusual loan deal: two years. Why?
A: I have always admired Deportivo, its history at the Champions League, for the players that have been here. When Depor appeared, I didn’t hesitate.



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