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17 Sep 2010
A flat Deportivo B lost its first game on the season after been surpassed by Montañeros in the first derby of La Coruña played on this division. The referee influenced in the score, but it’s also true that Ramallo’s boys did nothing to deserve a better faith.

A lot was expected from the first La Coruña derby in the history of Segunda División B; and it’s that there are six ex-Fabril players at Montañeros: Jorge Cano, Herbert, Iago, Ruben Rivera, Maikel and Herbert. At the same time Depor B has five players that have performed before for Montañeros: Raúl Garcia, Héctor, Luis Ángel, Añón and Chirri.

Coach Tito Ramallo was having the casualties of playmaker Andre Andre and central defender Fran Gonzalez, both for injury reasons, while Juvenil A central defender Insua was a last-minute casualty due to a muscular problem, reason why Diego Vieytes was debuting on the season as a starter.

In the end Ramallo surprised with a defensive 4-3-3 scheme; Diego Rivas was at the goal, Diego Seoane covered the right-back position, Raul Garcia was at the left, while Rochela and Vieytes were the centre backs. The trio of pivotes was composed by Dani, Héctor and Richi; Chirri performed towards the right wing, David Añon towards the left and Dioni was the central attacker.

Despite all the expectation created by the fact that this was a derby match, the truth is that it was a boring game between two teams that had big problems to create scoring opportunities and delight the spectators that were in Elviña; Deportivo abused of the long passes and the aerial game, while Montañeros practiced a more attractive football thanks to ex-Depor Iago Iglesias, but still the locals had big problems to reach the goal of Diego Rivas.

And that taking in mind that Montañeros took an early lead as the first goal came at minute 2; it was perfect pass of Iago that striker Ruben Rivera didn’t miss; Ribera is not only a former player of Fabril, but also had the chance to debut at Primera División thank to Joaquin Caparrós. Perhaps the early goal explains why Depor B never felt comfortable in the rest of the game, because it went out with a lineup built up to contain the rival, and soon it was forced to search for the equalizer.

The only chance for the visitors in the first part came after a cross of Seoane that Añon couldn’t capitalise; the rest of the half was for Montañeros, side that lived its best moment within the final twenty minutes, it had three chances to score, but all of them were missed, firstly since Moises Pereiro missed the target with his drilling shot, later as the effort of Ruben Rivera went over the crossbar and finally as Maikel missed his chance against Diego Rivas.

Nothing changed for the second half as Fabril was still stuck at midfield, then Ramallo decided to replaced Hector with Juan Carlos, move that switched the system to the classical 4-2-3-1; the appearance of a playmaker should have given more arrival to the squad, but the truth is that Fabril continued abusing of the aerial game. And to make things worse the second goal for Montañeros came.

And it was a controversial play, because referee González González whistled a doubtful penalty after Maikel fell down to the ground as he felt the pressure of Rochela, but the central defender never touched the striker. Anyhow Maikel Hermann Naujoks didn’t waste the chance and scored the second goal from the penalty spot. Like the case of the other scorer in the game, Ruben Rivera, 34-year-old Maikel was also able to debut at Primera División with Depor’s first team (17 liga games between the years 1995 & 1998).

Then Luis Angel replaced Chirri, but the engine of Fabril was still off and it was pretty clear that this was going to be the first defeat on the season for Fabril, but suddenly an isolated play brought a ray of light for the visitors. It was a long throw from Rochela that Dionisio Emanuel Villalba ‘Dioni’ capitalised from the left side of the box; it’s his second goal in liga.

Suddenly, Deportivo B seemed to have the opportunity to achieve a comeback from a 0-2, just like in the first matchday against Lugo. Ramallo even introduced a second striker as Jona entered for Richi, now Fabril was playing with a 4-4-2 scheme, but it wasn’t the day of Ramallo’s boys and the team never created a clear scoring opportunity.

And in the end it was Montañeros the side that scored the goal, and again with the complicity of referee González González, it was a play in which Ruben Rivera entered into the area by the right flank, but the attacker used the elbow to move the ball and elude Seoane, then he beat Diego Rivas from close range and the referee didn’t whistle anything. Five minutes were remaining in the clock, but Fabril was already defeated.

First defeat on the season for Deportivo B; the referee had a lot to do with the result, but it isn’t an excuse as the team of Ramallo played a horrible game and never deserved a better result. Now Fabril is at mid-table as it occupies the 11th spot, on Saturday the Galician team will host CD Badajoz at Abegondo (17h30 CET), the team from Extremadura is arriving after two straight victories in the division.

Comments of Tito Ramallo: “We gave for free the first goal, and between the referee and our own errors we lost the game. The punctual errors were the ones that cost the match. Rivera’s hand was clear and it seemed that the penalty was whistled by Maikel himself. Of course we were too soft, and the defensive line gave too many options; now what we must do is to learn ahead of the future.”

Montañeros: (4-1-4-1) Taranilla – Ángel Luis, Pablo López, Raúl Lozano, Dopico – Gonzalo – Candela, Moisés Pereiro, Rubén Rivera (Herbert 87’), Iago Iglesias (Quique Cubas 79’) – Maikel (Jesús Varela 88’).
Deportivo B: (4-3-3) Diego Rivas – Seoane, Vieytes, Rochela, Raúl García – Dani, Héctor (Juan Carlos 53’), Richi (Jona 76’) – Chirri (Luis Ángel 64’), Dioni, David Añon.
Goals: 1-0: (2’) Ruben Rivera, 2-0 (58’) Maikel (penalty), 2-1: (71’) Dioni, 3-1: (86’) Ruben Rivera.
Referee: González González. He showed yellow card to Dopico, Raúl Lozano, Iago Iglesias, Quique Cubas; Diego Rivas, Seoane, Raúl García, Rochela and Juan Carlos.
Venue: Elviña (800)
Other stats: Attempts to score (7 - 5), Corner-kicks (4 - 6), Fouls committed (18 - 8)
Best players: Dioni (6), Añon (6) and Dani (6). Source: Depor Sport.




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