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19 Sep 2010
Striker Adrian talked to Sportpaper AS and analysed the lack of goal at Deportivo; he also talked of his personal situation as his contract rules out in June of 2011.

Q: How do you feel after the boost gave by Lotina?
A: I am very happy for have played in the last two games, and because Lotina has shown his confidence on me.

Q: Have you thought of the big chance to score that you wasted against Sevilla?
A: Not too many. It was a great opportunity, but I canít do anything. At least, at the SŠnchez PizjuŠn, we had more attempts on goal than in the first game against Zaragoza. It was less complicated for me.

Q: Itís always say that you are a striker who hasnít exploded yet. Do you think that this is a turning point in your career?
A: I donít know; I always look to improve. It is clear that our youngest players still have to learn, and I'll keep trying. I do my best, but just like the rest of my team mates. Nothing more, nothing less.

Q: Itís clear that you donít want to be overwhelmed with the responsibility for this challenge. Isnít it?
A: Of course, itīs never good for anyone. I'm not feeling pressed, and neither will eat my head for it. If you do it, then it affects more. If I play as quiet as possible, then things will be better, that's my way of thinking.

Q: Does this philosophy apply when you are asked about the lack of goal at Depor?
A: Yes. It is said that we donít score goals and for me it isnít weird. Just as we could win 3-0 against Getafe and people will no longer talk of it, these stories are like this. Honestly, I am not worried.

Q: Do you think that this debate is exaggerated?
A: No, if we donít score the goals, then itís normal to hear people talking. We are the main responsible for it and sincerely we are the first ones that want to fix it.

Q: Are you anxious to be living in your final year of contract?
A: No, that fact doesnít make me nervous. There is still time and when we should speak, we will do it. Neither will we need to talk a lot about it.

Q: Would you like to resolve the issue before January 1st, 2011, day in which you could sign for any club as a free agent?
A: I remain on the sidelines. There will be conversations in order to see if we reach an agreement or not. I already said that I'm very happy and that my goal is to stay at Depor, and I'm still thinking the same.

Q: Your age and your contract put you in a similar situation than Piscu. Are you afraid that something similar could happen?
A: By sharing the same agent I, and other team mates, may end related to the issue, but I hope we wonít live the same as Piscu. Until the moment arrives you will never know it, but I donít see a similar situation. Hopefully everything can be resolved by dialogue.



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