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19 Sep 2010
Dionisio Villalba ‘Dioni’ has made an impact since his arrival to Deportivo B; the Andalusian already scored three times at Segunda B and targets the first team. He gave an interview to Riazor.org before the meeting with Badajoz.

Q: You are now in the middle of the competition, how are you seeing the team? If you have to improve something at Fabril, what it will be?
A: For the moment we are fine, we are very confident after the tie in Lugo, it was very complicated, and the victory over Vecindario gave us more confidence. But we are going to improve... I don’t know, I think we don’t have too much to improve; I think we're in a good line.

Q: Tito Ramallo said that the balance is positive, but perhaps the teams needs to secure the games, to score more goals from the beginning, and somehow to not suffer so much and in this way to take forward the games.
A: Yes, more or less that’s the idea; we have put more pressure, to be a little harder and stuff like that... Segunda B is complicated, there are a lot of veterans and they understand football.

Q: What were the feelings at the locker room before the game with Montañeros?
A: This is my first year on here and never saw Montañeros before, but as I had spoken with my colleagues I knew it was the derby of La Coruña, and they told me it was going to be complicated. So in the first place it was complicated for been a match at Segunda B, and later for been a derby. I knew it wouldn’t be an easy match.

Q: And how do you see yourself? Your name has been mentioned a lot during the pre-season, is it hard to maintain the expected level?
A: It has nothing to do with the pre-season, because on the pre-season we were facing teams from Tercera and Preferente, and has nothing to do with Segunda B. You need to be at hundred percent for the team, and also to wait for an opportunity at the first team.

Q: It's been staggering, right? You were playing at Caravaca, suddenly you came to Fabril, and soon you were playing for Depor. Did you have the time to assimilate it?
A: This is football, one day you're sunk, and another day you're playing at Primera or whatever. You need to assimilate it as quickly as possible; the truth is that I didn’t have any problem. I think everything is fine.

Q: Is something imposing to play at Primera División? Tell us what were your impressions from the debut with the first team.
A: The impression is that it’s the best thing in the world, Primera División is the best. It has nothing to do with Segunda B, is another world, with more experienced people, more quality.

This is a typical question, but there is always hope that, even if you have a lot of strikers ahead of you, it will be possible to play minutes with Depor, right?
A: I came here hoping to play someday at the first team, if not I wouldn’t have arrived from Malaga. I'm playing at Fabril and will give my best effort, and if someday the first team needs me then I will be ready and at one hundred percent.

Q: And what about your team mates at Fabril, how have you adapted? What about the city?
A: Well, I've adapted very well, from day one. I didn’t have the time to see the city, because I don’t have a car yet, but from what I saw the beaches and everything is fine. And I also have very good team mates. They are young like me and we have a good relationship. There is a good group.

Q: As a player, who would you highlight from the B squad, or from the first team?
A: I won’t say names, but I tell you that there are very good players down there. I'm not going to mention any name, because the major part is good. I can’t say if someone is better than the rest.

Q: And in your case, what are your qualities as a player?
A: I don’t know about my qualities, neither I know what to say... I prefer to see other explaining my qualities. I can tell you I have power and smell for the goal, which for a striker is very important. If you don’t have goal the true is that you won’t do too much, the goal is the most important thing.



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