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21 Sep 2010
A great second half by Depor was close to be transformed into the first win on the season, but a goal of Arizmendi is leaving the Galicians with their third draw after three liga matches; at least Lotina’s men showed a more offensive game.

In the end Miguel Angel Lotina chose the option of Michel for the playmaking function, the rest was the expected starting eleven. Manu was at the goal, Manuel Pablo was performing at the right-back position, Morel was at the left side, while Lopo and Colotto were at the centre of the defence.

Ruben Pérez was joining Antonio Tomás at midfield territory, Uruguayan  Jonathan Urreta played at the right wing and Mexican Andrés Guardado was playing on the left flank. Finally, Adrian was the central attacker.

At Getafe, coach Michel chose a 4-3-3 scheme, with Derek Boateng, Daniel Parejo and Pedro Mosquera at midfield, the Galician was the main surprise in the starting eleven. In attack,  Arizmendi was playing in attack towards the right, Manu towards the left and Colunga at the centre.

Flat first half in attack of a Deportivo that only completed one shot on target after forty-five minutes, pretty poor statistic for a squad that was playing at home against a rival from the same level. To make things worse Lotina lost two men due to injury reasons and his defensive line allowed a silly goal that was costing the match.

Deportivo tried to have the initiative since the kick-off, Adrián had the first approximation after a throw-in, but he couldn’t connect the ball properly (2’). And Getafe didn´t last too much to fight for the control over the ball. The Madrilenians were launching quick attacks with some sense of danger, but within the first ten minutes local keeper Manu didn’t appear. Neither Ustari had much work, because Depor wasn’t stepping into the visiting area.

The first clear attempt for the locals came at minute 11, it was a combination between Adrian and Urreta, then the Uruguayan released a shot from the edge of the box, but the ball went to the left of Ustari. Four minutes later Manu almost committed a huge error as he slipped before connecting the ball, but nothing happened as the ball went to corner-kick. The Asturian was pretty solid in the game with Sevilla, but in the home games with Zaragoza and Getafe he left some doubts.

Then a change occurred at the opposite goal as Jordi Codina entered for Ustari, the visiting keeper suffered an injury during a play of Morel. He was going to be important in the play of the first goal and also during the harassment of Depor in the second half. At minute 19, Mosquera attempted from the edge of the area, but his effort missed the target. Both teams were having a solid performance in defence, but at the same were missing punch in attack, reason why only a few scoring opportunities were sawn in this half.

 At the 24th minute, a combination between Michel and Ruben Pérez allowed Adrian to reach the edge of the area, but Mane cleared the danger. The key at Depor was that Ruben Perez, Manuel Pablo and Antonio Tomas were alternating as a third central defender that was blocking any visiting attempt by the centre, and Getafe was committing the error of avoiding the attacks from the sides, at least within the first half an hour, therefore Depor was having a placid day at defence.

But little by little the visitors started to use the wings, and in one of those opportunities Arizmendi sent a cross searching for Colunga, but Colotto was there to clear the danger. The game was turning to be boring, but suddenly things turned exciting in just one minute. It was the 32nd minute and a long throw of Morel ended with a shot on target –the first one in the game- of Adrian , but Codina made the save.

And Getafe scored in the next play as the visiting keeper released a fast counterattack that ended with Manu assisting Adrian Colunga, the striker made a shot that was missing the target, but it was  deflected by Colotto and unfortunately it ended at Depor’s net. In the end la liga gave the goal to the ex-Zaragoza striker, but it seemed clear that the ball was going out and it should have been counted as an own goal. That was the first goal allowed by Depor on this liga season. Then Lotina decided to replace Michel with Lassad, the Valencian was having a new problem in the knee and was lost on the pitch.

And just two minutes later Urreta had to be replaced due to injury reasons, Yves Desmarets entered for the Uruguayan. The modifications put the French winger on the left and moved Guardado to the right, while Adrian and Lassad were switching between the playmaking function and the centre of the attack.

However this new approach was fruitless. Neither Getafe was doing too much, because the only difference in the scoresheet was due to an unfortunate play of Colotto. But the fans at the Riazor were pretty disappointed with the spectacle and the team was whistled when the referee pointed to half-time.

It seemed that the whistles lifted Deportivo’s self esteem as Lotina’s men showed a totally different face in this part of the match, and it’s that the locals were a hurricane that was already winning the game after just ten minutes. Just a simple stat to clarify the issue: Depor completed nine shots on goal in this half compared to only one in the first part. Getafe reacted later, but the truth is that Depor had countless occasions to define the game, and only the lack of aim and Codina avoided to witness the first victory of Depor on the season.

The intentions of the locals seemed different since the start, at the second minute Desmarets eluded two rivals to end releasing a mid-distance shot that missed the target. One minute later Codina had to come out to stop a cross from Manuel Pablo, and in the next play a shot of Adrian was cleared to corner-kick, and after Guardado released the corner, central defender Marcano committed a penalty as he handled the ball inside the area after Desmarets was shooting on target.

And Andrés Guardado came from the penalty spot to score the first goal of Depor on this season –Depor needed 249 minutes for it- It was a totally different Deportivo, and it’s that the Galicians did more in ten minutes than in the whole first part. Lassad, Adrian and Desmarets were combining in attack and Getafe never found the way to stop them.

At minute 56, Desmarets attempted from mid-distance, and Codina had to clear the danger to corner-kick, and as it happened in the previous play the visitors committed a new penalty, this time after Boateng tried to clear the danger through a scissors-kick, but instead he hit Colotto in the head and referee Muńiz Fernández whistled a second penalty in a matter of seven minutes.

Again Guardado came to score the goal from the penalty spot and Depor was achieving a surprising comeback. Now things were changing as Depor was releasing dangerous counterattacks against a rival that was now forced to react.  At minute 61, one of those counterattacks almost end in the third goal for Depor as Guardado assisted Lassad, but the Tunisian couldn’t surpass Marcano with his attempt from close-range.

The big problem of Getafe is that it had big difficulties to steal the ball at midfield, which gave the control over the ball to Deportivo, and on this occasion the big difference is that the Galicians were having an offensive attitude, totally opposite to the passive spirit saw in the first part. At minute 68 Lassad had a clear occasion to define the game, but his heal attempt missed the target.

And Getafe equalized the things just when Depor was displaying its best football on this start of season, it was a solo-play of Javier Arizmendi in which the Madrilenian fired from the edge of the area and the ball went to the top-corner of Manu. The ex-Depor didn’t celebrate the goal wand was immediately replaced by Venezuelan Miku

The goal just turned the game into an exciting encounter, first Manu Del Moral released a strong shot from long-range that hit the crossbar (75’), one minute later Guardado released a strong and crossed shot that passed close to the opposite crossbar. Then, ten minutes before the end Mosquera was sent off after picking a second yellow card and Michel made a defensive modification as Casquero entered for Colunga , while Lotina made an offensive move as ex-Getafe Riki was entering for Adrian.

Riki entered with everything and soon he had a triple opportunity, first with a header after a corner-kick and later with a shot from close range, both chances were saved by Codina, and the clearest one came at minute 84. Lassad assisted Riki with a drilling cross, the Madrilenian made a shot on target, and again the visiting keeper cleared the danger. At minute 86, Getafe reacted with a free-kick that was saved by Manu

One minute before the end the visitors were close to score after a corner-kick that was cleared by Morel, and that Del Moral sent close to the post, and the reaction of Depor was a great pass of Ruben Perez that Riki couldn’t capitalize as Codina deflected his shot, and immediately Guardado sent the ball out. That was the last scoring opportunity in the game.

Deportivo didn’t find the deserved reward to its impressive reaction on the second part; the Galicians were pretty poor in the first half, and later turned into a hurricane that harassed the goal of Codina, however the lack of aim and the performance of the visiting keeper avoided the first victory on the season. However the performance of the squad during the second part invites to optimism.

Despite not been able to achieve the first win on the season, the truth is that neither Depor has lost a liga game, something that only Valencia, Sevilla and Real Madrid have made after the first three matches. Now Depor is 14th in the table and will visit Villarreal FC on Thursday (20h00 CET).

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Manu - Manuel Pablo, Colotto, Lopo, Morel - Antonio Tomás, Rubén Pérez – Urreta (Desmarets 41’), Míchel (Lassad 39’), Guardado – Adrián (Riki 80’).
Getafe: (4-3-3) Ustari (Codina 15’) – Mané, Cata Díaz, Marcano, Miguel Torres - Boateng, Mosquera, Parejo – Arizmendi (Miku 69’), Colunga (Casquero 80’), Manu Del Moral.
Goals: 0-1: (32’) Adrian Colunga, 1-1 (49’) Guardado (penalty), 2-1: (56’) Guardado (penalty), 2-2: (68’) Arizmendi
Referee: César Muńiz Fernández. He showed yellow card to Marcano (48’), Miguel Torres (53’), Lopo (56’), ‘Cata’ Diaz (55’), Boateng (56’), Del Moral (66’) and Lassad (88’). Mosquera was sent off (79’)
Venue: Riazor (9,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (50% - 50%); Total shots (22 - 13); Shots on target (10 - 3); Saves by the keepers (8 - 2); Corner-kicks  (6 - 6); Offsides (1 - 5); Fouls committed (7 - 10); Accuracy in the passes (77.94% - 84.08%)



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