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22 Sep 2010
Mixing readings of the game as Deportivo showed two different faces in each half, some papers point out to the poor performance of the first part, while others prefer to look to the offensive attitude offered in the second half.

La Opinión A Coruña: After the tedium, the hope. Two different images showed by Deportivo against Getafe, but I prefer the second, the one of the second half, which improved by almost everything and that encourages you to think that the team will react and improve in its game. The key on the match was, precisely, the change just after the break, when the team offered more pace, more ambition, which resulted in the opportunities for Lassad and Desmarets, who contributed a lot. But in the first part the team had no intensity, it played mentally blocked, its game was tedious and the ball was for Getafe. Then, it was a pity that after Deportivo's second goal the team wasn’t able to keep the lead in the scoresheet. I found it surprising that Arizmendi was able to find enough space to shoot with so much comfort. The game was balanced, more open when Getafe was left with ten men. Riki had no fortune but, his entry was opportune because he created danger. It wasn’t a fair result because the final opportunities were worthy of the 3-2 for Deportivo. Manolo Correidora

La Voz De Galicia: Madness doesn’t save Depor. Getafe and Deportivo completed a crazy match where both could have won, and finally it ended in a draw after an orgy of errors at both areas. Neither against ten, nor helped by the decisions of the referee. The football of the Galician team returned to be frustrating by its lack of punch (the only goals only came from the penalty spots) and the team wasted a first part in which it was sick against the rival.

Everything was hatched in ten minutes of a second half that returned the life to a soulless and unrecognizable Deportivo. It reminded to the team in Copa, the same one that disappointed in the first half against Valencia, but that after the break came back with Filipe as a playmaker,. In the absence of Brazilian essence, the Galicians were entrusted to their most surprising (and better) signing of the season, Desmarets. And a surprise guest, Lassad.

And is that Depor, despite everything, continues to live without scoring a goal in a normal play. For the third draw on the season it was necessary the good performance of its French players and the referee's decisions, and it’s that Muñiz Fernández conceded two incredible penalties: the first when the ball hit on the elbow of Marcano, and the second in an acrobatic clearance of Boateng that hit Colotto. Guardado led the comeback with two goals, something that despite the collective madness it didn’t give the victory to the local team.

In part, it wouldn’t have been fair. The Galicians completed a very poor first half, moment on the game in which they turned into an unrecognizable team, soulless, as it was locked in a haze of long balls and inaccuracies. The players seemed erased for Monday's game. Neither was playing nor dared to have the ball. It was expected a step forward in attack, but instead it played so delayed that their first shot on target came until minute 32, and just on the next play Colunga threw away the mark of been the only team at Primera without conceding goals.Pablo Barreiros

Xornal de Galicia: After two goalless draws in the previous matchdays, to think that on yesterday’s game we were going to watch four goals at the Riazor seemed little more than a utopia. It also seemed difficult to watch Depor’s defense outweighed by any rival, because it was looking pretty solid in past matches, and it also seemed like a dream the fact of watching the Galicians breaking the spell with the goal, especially more than twice. But in the end it was like that. It happened in a soporific encounter in the first half and exciting in the second, a match in which the Riazor felt again that precious feeling that anything can happen on the pitch. In the end, just one point, but leaving the impression that there is also emotion at the Riazor and not just boredom. That's the way. Omar Bello

Marca . The boredom ended in show. Depor and Getafe drew in a clash that, like good wine, improved with time. Both teams lasted some time to feel comfortable on the pitch, but once they got into the kitchen they offered a great show. Colotto’s own goal opened the things and Guardado led the comeback through two controversial penalty goals. Arizmendi, with a great goal, closed the tie in a game full of scoring opportunities. Ramiro Aldunate.

AS: Getafe and Deportivo signed the draw in a night of fun and controversy at the Riazor, a match in which both teams made the merits to take the three points. The reign of anarchy took over the game from minute one. Riazor witnessed a football out of control in which Getafe was moving better. The ball lasted seconds at the feet of both teams, sides that against the risk of losing the ball it were sending long throws as the ideal solution. Everything flowed with lashes. Sometimes Mosquera, others Urreta of Arizmendi, Adrian... But in the back and forth, the balance began to be for the visitors. And Colunga’s goal arrived, in a move of pure lawlessness. Chance for Adrian, Codina made the save, perfect counterattack of Manu del Moral, Colunga’s wide shot... and rebound in Colotto to end the unbeaten mark of Manu, which was of 212 minutes

The mess not only affected the players, but also both benches. Michel had to change his goalkeeper at the 16th minute as Ustari was injured. It was worse with Lotina. Michel went out at minute 39. 'Why me? ", Was read at the mouth of the Valencian. Only three minutes later the injury of Urreta forced the Basque man to make his second change before the break and Desmarets entered.

The modifications, however, gave a fantastic result at the start of the second half. Desmarets revolutionized the team and only lasted a sigh to cause the first penalty. The second, the controversial one, took only seven minutes. Muñiz saw the foul, as well as Lotina, but Míchel only assessed dangerous game. The class was put by Guardado, who beat Codina three times (he had to repeat once).

With the match at the peak, Depor was unable to kill it, rather it failed to do so. Lassad didn’t stop to find holes and make assists, but the only one that scored was Arizmendi, helped again by a rebound. The Galicians, who came to collect four clear scoring chances, are feeling sorry. So it does Getafe, side that saw how Manu was hitting the crossbar. Anarchy is like this. Luis De La Cruz.



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