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22 Sep 2010
Different sensations after the final whistle, some players were content, but others were unhappy since they think that Depor should have won; meanwhile coach Michel was complaining of the penalties whistled against Getafe.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina wasn’t too happy after his team missed to secure the first victory on the season, "We were wrong after the 2-1, we should have been more calmed and having chances in the counterattack, but instead we gave them the chance to equalize. So I am upset, because we had the victory in our hands after the reaction on the second part."

“I’ve faith in this team, but we have to improve a lot. The philosophy, the collective game, these are facts that we must learn and will come with time, and we should emphasize the mental strength showed after the pause. We knew the kind of rival that was in front of us and we left enough space to play.” He added

Later he confirmed that the modification of Michel was for tactical reasons and not for his knee problem, “It was a technical decision, because I wanted more game between the lines and Lassad is good on this. Besides, Michel has a problem on the knee and I saw that he doubted, because he was always arriving late to all the places.” Finally, he commented the plays of the penalties, “The kick in the head of Colotto was penalty, and I didn’t see if in the first penalty the ball hit the arm of the defender.”

Antonio Tomás was emphasizing the reaction of the team in the second part, “We could have won, but it the end it wasn’t possible. I believe that we lived a bad moment after their first goal… we lived tough times in the first part, but we must be content for the effort done in the second part, although we weren’t able to capitalise the opportunities, in the end it was fine.”

Ruben Pérez had a different sensation as he thinks that Depor missed too many opportunities, “They were lucky to score a goal after a rebound, and we have a bittersweet taste in the mouth, because we had a lot of opportunities and the truth is that we were unlucky against their goal.”

Same was the opinion of Lassad Nouioui, “We’re a bit sad, because we deserved more with the second half that we made, but this is football. Last week we made a complete game, just like against Getafe, and Sevilla had a lot of opportunities, just like us today, so this is football.”

Yves Desmarets was explaining his job on the pitch, “I entered with all the will of the world and played on my way. When I enter into the pitch I do it willing to give everything, because my story is different from others. I suffered with the first goal, just like anybody else, and in the second tried to change the things. We did it, but I think that we should have won.”

Meanwhile, Andrés Guardado, the scorer of both goals, wasn’t feeling satisfied with the final result, “We aren’t satisfied; it was a match that we should have won. We were at home and should have won. But playing with the same mentality and aggressiveness of the second half it will surely led us to achieve good results. We had four clear opportunities and never were able to seize them. We should have won, but the draw is fair and now it’s time to look forward.”

President Augusto César Lendoiro confessed that he lost the hopes at half-time, “Well, I wasn’t expecting a good result at half-time, but later the improvement was incredible. Today the team created enough opportunities in the second half, and it’s true that our strikers missed more aim.”

At Getafe, coach Michel was pretty upset with the penalties whistled in the match, “The second penalty was an indirect free-kick, it’s said in the rules. I just ask for honesty to the referees and I believe they have this virtue. These are errors of appreciation, but it affects me and the bad results could cost my job. We made the merits to clinch a netter result and Deportivo found it thanks to some favourable situations. We were punished with two penalties in nine minutes and since that point we grow up, and I think the draw is good according to the circumstances.”

After the game doctor Rafael Arriaza explained the three injury cases suffered by Deportivo during the encounter, “Urreta suffered a knee sprain that could be a grade one or two injury, it occurred on the knee ligament and we are going to make news scans, it depends on the results and the player could be out of action between three or six weeks.” Later it was determined that the injury is grade two, which means that the Uruguayan will be out of action for at least one month.

About Riki, the doctor said that, “He ended the game with a problem on his right thigh, he need to rest for a couple of days in order to see how he evolves.” Finally, he explained the case of Michel, “He still suffering contracture problems on his knee. It looks like his knee is unplugged during the game; we have made the tests and everything looks fine. He is normal. We will try to keep working, so these events won’t happen again.” Later it was informed that the doctors are now contemplating the option of a surgery, which could mean that the Valencian will be out of action for five months.





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