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16 Apr 2006
Caparr??s and the players have no doubts about the importance of the point achieved. They know that the victory would be the perfect result, but they also admit that the draw maintains their chances of achieving an UEFA spot. The curios fact of the game was the presence of Fabril's defender Chapi, who was called fifteen minutes before the game started.

Coach Joaqu?­n Caparr??s was satisfied with the result, specially for the absences that his team suffered in the defensive zone: "I'm happy with the behaviour showed by my squad, we experienced the absence of one defender (Coloccini) and a new casualty was added (Juanma). We even had to call up a boy from Fabril, but we knew how to obtain a positive result. It's important to know how to draw if you can't achieve a win."

The Sevillan coach was also ironic when he was asked about the lack of effectiveness in his strikers: "Money, money... that's the sparkle we are missing here. That Makaay had that sparkle?" He also had eulogies for his former club, Sevilla: "We could won this game, but they could  did it too. Sevilla is a young squad with a good velocity. They gave us a lot of troubles, specially during the first half."

Goalkeeper Francisco Molina believes that to achieve a clean sheet was a key factor in his team: "We didn't scored, but at the same time we didn't allow any goal. Both things are important. It's a shame that we couldn't achieve a goal, but to have an clean sheet is also important." The Valencian player also believes that the point gained  is a positive result for Deportivo: "We were talking about the three points all over the week, but when you can't obtain the victory, a draw is a positive thing."

Xisco had complains about the fouls that he received from Javi Navarro: "I suffered by my side the pressure of Javi Navarro. He also fought with me when we faced each other on the pitch, but this kind of things must end in the best way possible."

Maybe the most curious fact of the game was the presence of Chapi, the Fabril's defender was called minutes after Juanma suffered a complication in the warming before the game. The youngster explained the situation that he lived: "They phoned me at my home fifteen minutes before the game started, I didn't have time to react and I arrived as soon as I could. The true is that I'm happy although I didn't have the change to play."

V?­ctor was another player that believes that the point achieved is a positive result: "The point is a good thing because we increased the difference with Villarreal and now we have won the series against Sevilla. For that reason I think that we can say that the draw is a positive result."

President Lendoiro was also positive about the point achieved in this match: "The things are working out. This result maintains us in the first positions and the difference of two points with Sevilla continues, but we won the particular series with them and that's an advantage for us."

Sevilla's coach Juande Ramos wasn't satisfied with the draw, he wanted the victory: "This point is just a little thing to me, we dominated the game and the win was more near than the defeat. Any point added to our count is important, but we wanted the victory."

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