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25 Sep 2010
Concern, it was the general feeling after Deportivo suffered its first defeat on the season. At the same time the players are asking for patience; meanwhile Lotina admitted that his team is missing more punch to score the goals.

Coach Miguel Ángel Lotina was expressing his unconformity with the game of the team, “"We lacked conviction. It seems that the players were saying, 'Let's do this because it’s what the coach says, not because they believe on it. And in this way it’s impossible to win. The defense was walking on heels and in the play of the goal... Four players were there and they can’t do that. It can’t even been said that it was a mini-opportunity for them, but still the rival scored. Later we didn’t even make tickles to their goalkeeper."

"Football is pressure and we know it we will be there. It happens that in the last two seasons we were used to start well and then the team got carried away. But this year we didn’t start well and must learn to live with that pressure. Because the team that can’t live with this pressure is going to Segunda Division, that’s clear. I liked the team during the second half, but we missed more punch to tie the game; clearly I am worried, because we haven't won yet, and it's impossible to do it without scoring goals." He added.

Finally, Lotina explained why Guardado and Lassad weren’t starters, “Guardado had some issues and the doctors told me to be cautious with him. About Lassad, I want to give him minutes on Sunday, and by previous experiences I know that he can’t play so many games in a row. If he would have played today then he wouldn’t play the next game, which is what interests me the most.”

Midfielder Juan Rodriguez was asking for patience after the team suffered its first defeat on the season, “Right now what we need to do is to be positive, because if we start to be negative then things won’t work. If after four matchdays in liga we start to press ourselves then it’s going to be a bad thing. We were too delayed on the pitch and the rival took advantage of it, but in the second part we were in attack and had the ball possession.”

Albert Lopo reached the mark of 300 matches at Primera División, but he was more worried of the team’s performance, “The situation isn’t good and we must continue working. This year, as things are, it is going to be very difficult, and right now what we must do is to defeat Almeria on Sunday.”

Meanwhile, Ruben Pérez was saying that the players are feeling screwed, and at the same time he was also asking for patience, “The team is feeling upset with this, but in 48 hours we must play another game and must be focused in order to achieve a victory in front of our fans. All the games are finals, but neither is to put more pressure on us. We missed a more fluid game in the first part, but n the second we had a better ball possession. I hope we will end displaying the game that we deserve. It’s normal to see the fans worried, but this is just starting and the season is long, so we need more time.”

At Villarreal, coach Juan Carlos Garrido was feeling pleased with the final result, “This triumph and these three points are very important, so we are pretty content for winning a match that wasn’t easy, because things were equal. We are also happy, because the performance on a collective and personal sense has improved and that’s always good. Today, thanks to this hard work, we have won. The result is fair and the key was that the team was always focused and doing a great job at both levels offense and defence.”

The Arthroscopy made to playmaker Michel revealed that the reason for his knee problems was a tear on the meniscus (capsular meniscus), problem that was affecting him when he was playing the game. The problem was corrected through surgery, and now the Valencian will be out for four months, meaning that he will not return until February of 2011.





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