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16 Apr 2006
The media criticised the poor performance showed by both teams. Everybody was expecting a better spectacle since the European positions were in dispute. The absences in the defensive line were the excuse that the papers found in order to explain the poor performance showed by Deportivo. In Sevilla the papers are seeing this draw as a negative result since their squad had a good chance to achieve the win.

AS: Yesterday it was Caparr??s' derby, and the Utrera-born coach should thought that the luck was against him. C?©sar get injured on Friday, Coloccini was suspended, Arizmendi had fever and Juanma suffered complications during the warming. In this way, three side-defenders (Capdevila, Romero, H?©ctor) and one midfielder (De Guzm??n) conformed the defensive line. But the problems of the home side didn't give confidence to Juande Ramos who sent Maresca and Saviola upfront, but at the same time presented a defensive line-up. It was like he was telling to his players that one point in the stadium in which they don't conquer a win since 53 years ago was enough for him. The difference between both teams appeared after 15 minutes, but the lack of ambition in Juande Ramos, with Kepa and Luis Fabiano on the bench, was reflected in the pitch with the statistic of zero shots on goal despite of been dominating the game. The situation changed in the second half, but Molina did a great job. At the end both sides are happy with the point achieved, Deportivo for the point added despite of the several absences, the fact of wining the series against Sevilla and maintaining their UEFA options. Sevilla because they still in a UEFA spot and because nobody is injured for the match against Schalke 04. So, everybody is happy. Luis de La Cruz.

La Voz de Galicia: A bad day to play a good part of the European chances, too many casualties, serious problems in the back and a defensive line unseen until yesterday. A point that Joaqu?­n Caparr??s gave as a good result replacing Sergio with Acu?±a at the 90th minute. A Deportivo that nobody recognised, nothing related to the team that started the season, and very far away from any prediction, no matter how negative this could was. Midfield was the sector that had the same players of always and curiously was one the  worst sectors in yesterday's match. They suffered against a Sevilla that missed venom in the last meters and that found a great Molina defending Depor's area. Jos?© M. Fern??ndez.

El Diario de Sevilla: Like a draw at home. Like hitting the wall of a team that was clearly inferior and without football. That's the sensation left after this match. It was a clear missing chance to achieve a win in La Coru?±a after dominating the actions in the fully 90 minutes although the visitors never created too many chances to score. In other occasions it was the lack of effectiveness in the offensive sector, but this time it was for the impossibility of finding the way to reach the rival's area, or maybe it was because the players didn't want to push too much. A victory that was near and that would mean a great boost in the European aspirations of Juande's squad. Jes??s Alba.

La Opini??n A Coru?±a: The good people that expended some money in this vacations saw something that shouldn't happen. This times are ones of penance and of course football couldn't miss this situation. The first half was like a Mel Gibson's movie: Zero quality and a total torture. But nothing is lost in football, the night of sorrow at the Riazor saw at least some good plays of Iago although he didn't play a good match. In this way all the football was reserved to the ones that always puts sacrifice on the pitch; in this sense, Munitis is a secure value. Lately the same with V?­ctor, and the emergency couple of Romero-H?©ctor since they had a good performance. It wasn't a happy game, and to be honest, it was a torment. Also for the grass since nobody treated with love the ball. It's a shame because it had a marvellous green colour, the same one of the hope. One that still alive no matter the torment that we saw. Rodri Su??rez.

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