30 Sep 2010
Captain Manuel Pablo gave an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia; he is convinced that the impossibility to clinch a clean sheet is affecting the spirit of squad, and therefore causing the current negative situation in la liga.

Q: Is the locker room quieter than usual?
A: Yes, it is normal that people donīt want to say anything, because all those who are living this know that we arenít feeling confident. The good thing is that itís too early and there is much room for improvement and a lot of time to climb some positions.

Q; Is the game with Real Madrid arriving in a bad moment?
A: We know it is a very difficult game for us; our team has only won once in the league, I donít know if in a hundred years or so, and we know it will be difficult, but have nothing to lose, and yet we must try to gain confidence and make a good match; we have made some good games there and in the end we always ended defeated, but the impression has to be of a team trying to gain confidence.

Are you afraid to of been creating more doubts?
A: We need to be calmed. Sometimes the anxiety defeats us, especially when the result goes against the team, on Sunday we wanted to go faster and they found spaces behind us, and made us much harm, maybe not so many scoring opportunities, but in terms of goals.

Q: Despite been in relegation, is the team's mentality still aspiring to Europe?
A: In July I didnít think the team would be on this position, instead I thought in making a good campaign, not to fight to avoid relegation, but after the results you end out demanding other things.

Q: Were you imaging a start of season so badly?
A:  Not what I expected, mostly because at home is where we are missing the points. All teams are grounded on their fields. The permanence and titles are won at home and that's where we lost power. I think itís the place where we have to recover. We must be the team that the rivals will fear when they come to the Riazor.

Q: Were you affected by the public's expectations, perhaps higher than in previous campaigns?
A: No, the words do not hurt. What undermine our spirit are the facts and truly the team is more balanced, because we have signed people to fill positions that were very tight, but we are not competing as well as we should. The reality is that at home the rivals have complicated the things and we have done nothing, and eventually they end up dominating us.

Q: Do you feel that the team has lost potential compared to past campaigns?
A: Itís that replacements for Filipe are not found anywhere and we knew that. No one in the world like him, I've always said that for me he is the best side defender in the world. But two players have joined the team and the important thing is the group, not a single player.

Q: Are you missing a leader?
A: Obviously we donīt have a superclass player, but neither other teams have it. The important thing is the group. Last year we had a superclass that now is not here and at the end what matters is the group.

Q: But do you keep the good atmosphere at the changing room?
A: Yes, the new people is very attached, and I am convinced that thereís union at the locker room and it will get us out of here.

Q: What is the main problem of Deportivo in this start of la liga?
Q: It's a set of collective and individual errors. We have to discuss it and find the way to make us stronger. We know that in attack we arenít doing much damage, especially against teams that are well organized. Maybe against Sevilla and Villarreal, leaving more holes, we were better, but in others like against Zaragoza or Almeria, yes it was more difficult. The important thing is, when that happens, to keep a clean sheet and it is something that we arenít doing.

Q: Have you lost that defensive strength exhibited in recent seasons?
A: Yes. The other day, against Getafe, we were fitting goals, in attack we neither were fine and then those errors cost us the games. You have to focus on keeping the clean sheet and from there to be gaining confidence, because we have lost that confidence at the changing room.

Q: Are you missing key pieces as Aranzubia, Riki or a specialist such as Michel?
A: In attack there are other partners... In addition, Manu is doing well, in the case of Michel there are players that could adapt to that position... These are casualties you may have throughout the season, we canít complain of it. For that reason we have a large squad, I donít think this is a problem.



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