02 Oct 2010
Striker Dionisio Emanuel Villalba ĎDionií was interviewed by La Voz De Galicia; despite been tested as a starter in the squad that will play at the Santiago Bernabťu, the Andalusian striker sees himself as a substitute.

Q: Ready to be a starter?
A: I donít see it lie that. I think the coach is looking at two strikers, one is Lassad and the other AdriŠn, but we donít know who will the starter and who the substitute. I see myself more like an alternative, coming from Fabril I am not going to reach the first team as a starter.

Q: On this year everything is going very fast for you
A: I expected to debut with the first team, but not so soon. I arrived and three weeks later I was debuting against Cardiff City.

Q: Besides, in that pre-season game you scored a goal.
A: I was lucky; the truth is that I am very happy, because everything has been perfect.

Q: Is your natural position the one of a central forward?
A: This year I'm feeling pretty well like a central striker, because I'm scoring goals and that means  life for a forward. I've played in many positions, on the right wing, left, but if now things are fine for me playing like a forward, then why to change?

Q: Tell your secret
A: It would be my father and my mother, who are all day long praying for me in Malaga, because I have no charm, neither I am superstitious.

- What is your diagnosis? What happens to Depor?
A: [He thinks for a second]. I think they lack a little confidence. The team has good players and I think they are very good, but in football there are good and bad streaks, and I think that the team will gradually improve. We have only played five matchdays and neither can we say too much about the team.

Q: It's not that the team misses too many opportunities, but that ball isnít reaching the attackers, right?
A: We didnít arrive too often, but we have enough qualities to score many goals. I think this is a matter of time. The key will be to win a game. As we do it, then things will improve.

Q: Were you a Real Madrid fan in Malaga?
A: Yes, of Madrid. I am anti-Barcelona. My idol was Zidane.



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