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04 Oct 2010
Madrid found the goals they were wishing to score against a Depor that never had an idea of what do to over the pitch. In the end it’s first time in twelve years in which the team allows six goals in one game, to make things worse the Galicians are now the last place.

Coach Miguel Angel Lotina was presenting the expected eleven men; this time there were no doubts with the names of the players, but with the disposition of the players on the pitch. And in the end it was a 4-2-3-1 figure, just as the coach said before the meeting.

Manu was staying at the goal, Manuel Pablo was occupying the right-back position, Ze Castro was joining Lopo at the centre and Morel was performing at the left side. At midfield, Rubén Pérez and Antonio Tomás were covering the pivote functions. Juan Rodriguez was the right winger, Saúl Fernandez the playmaker and Guardado was attacking from the left. Finally, Lassad was the central attacker.

At Real Madrid, coach Jose Mourinho was sending the best squad that he had, with Mezut Özil, Cristiano Ronaldo, Angel Di María and Gonzalo Higuaín leading the offense for the locals. It was raining throughout the match.

Real Madrid didn’t need too many things to overcome a soulless Deportivo that only resisted until minute 24; and it’s getting common that the Galicians allow an early goal, though the team was showing a nice display on the pitch, but everything changed after the second goal as Lotina’s players lost their positioning, something that just opened all the roads to a Real Madrid that never faced troubles to achieve the three points, without doubt the easiest ones for them on this start of season. 
Things started twisted for Deportivo since the beginning, just like in the previous game against Almeria the Galicians allowed an early goal after a corner-kick; Özil was close to enter into the area and tried to lift the ball over Lopo, and the Catalan blocked the attempt, though the referee whistled a hand that also meant the yellow card to him –the only one in the game-. Cristiano Ronaldo attempted a direct free-kick that hit the barrier and went to corner-kick.

And the goal came after that corner-kick; Özil sent a perfect cross into the box that Cristiano Ronaldo headed downwards into the left post of Manu; just like in the match with Almeria it was an error of Depor in the mark, because the Portuguese star easily beat Lopo before heading the ball into the goal.

The first goal didn’t change the expected scenario as Real Madrid was insisting, mainly through the right wing, while Depor was patiently holding at the back zone and later the visitors started to have a better ball possession, Saul, Guardado and Ruben Perez were pretty active as they were switching positions on the pitch, but the Galicians never reached the goal of Iker Casillas.

At minute 13, a new error of Lopo allowed Real Madrid to have a new scoring opportunity, this time as Higuaín assisted Di Maria, but the long-range attempt of the Argentine winger was stopped by Manu. There were no clear attempts in the following ten minutes as Real Madrid was feeling pretty comfortable on the pitch thanks to its early advantage.

And suddenly the locals scored the second goal, it was a quick play in which Higuaín surpassed Ze Castro to assist Mezut Özil, who entered into the area by the right corner, then he made a move to elude Lopo and Morel to end drilling his shot into the far post of Manu, the ball hit the wood first and then went to the back of the net.

The first goal didn’t affect the spirit of Depor, but the second just made the players lost their positioning on the pitch, because the Galicians were now having a hard time trying to connect three straight passes. At the same time the lines started to be more separated, something that just made things easier for a Real Madrid characterized by its deadly long game.

At minute 30 Ronaldo found the ball at the edge of the area and then his shot was stopped by Manu . And the third goal didn’t last too much, it came in a counterattack of the Madrilenians that was started by Xabi Alonso, he sent a long pass to the left wing, just into the path of Higuaín, who ran until releasing a perfect cross that Angel Di Maria headed into the near post of Manu. And Madrid could have even gone to the pause with a new goal, but Cristiano Ronaldo sent the ball over the crossbar after a short pass from Khedira (45’).

Nothing changed for the final part; Depor still was a soulless team without a decent tactic in the two main aspects, offense and defence, and therefore Real Madrid was still playing at ease; so much that they found three more goals. At least the Galicians were able to score their first goal in a normal play during this season.

The second half started with the first clear chance in the game for Depor, it was a long ball from the back that Carvalho tried to head to Casillas, but it was too short and also the Portuguese defender fell down to the ground, something that Lassad seized to face Casillas one-on-one, but the Tunisian striker could just hit the body of the keeper, just when the goal was empty.

Then Lotina made another of his weird modification as Juca replaced Saul, the Brazilian was now performing as a playmaker, something that never influenced the development of the actions. Depor seemed to have a different attitude on the pitch, but it was still leaving wide lagoons at midfield and at the back zone, something that’s deadly against a rival like Real Madrid and soon the fourth goal arrived.

It was a new counterattack in which the Madrilenians never found any opposition; Cristiano Ronaldo found the ball on the left and then assisted Sergio Ramos at the centre, then the defender drilled the ball into the path of Di Maria at the left, then the Argentine chipped the ball into the box, just to see Gonzalo Higuaín pushing the ball into the net.

Immediately, Depor had a new scoring chance, this time as Guardado sent a high cross from the left that Juan Rodriguez was close to capitalise, but he wasn’t able to connect the ball properly and it turned into an easy effort for Casillas. And if something else was needed Ze Castro scored an own goal, it was after a combination between Ronaldo and Marcelo in which the Brazilian was trying to drill a pass from the left to the centre, and the Portuguese defender interrupted the action trying to pass the ball to Manu, but instead it entered into the net by the near post of the Asturian keeper.

Then a desperate Lotina replaced Lassad with Adrian, and later Ze Castro with Aythami as the ex-Atletico Madrid central defender suffered a thigh injury. The Canarian was debuting on the season and actually was playing his first Primera game at Deportivo since the season 2007/08.

After the fifth goal it was pretty clear that the game was already broken; Depor was a ghost without any idea on the pitch, while Real Madrid preferred to spent the time passing the ball without pushing for the sixth goal, though from time to time the locals were reaching Manu, like when Ronaldo attempted to score from the right corner, but his attempt hit the net by the outside. (73’)

Things were so easy for Mourinho that he even allowed the debut of Real Madrid Castilla midfielder Juan Carlos as he replaced Di Maria. At least Deportivo was able to score a goal. The play was started by Guardado on the left, then he assisted Adrian and his cross was headed into the net by Juan Rodriguez. It is the first goal on the season in a normal play for Deportivo (the other two were penalties). It is also the second goal allowed by the Madrilenians in all the competitions during the present campaign.

And it wasn’t a surprise to see Real Madrid scoring the sixth goal; again Xavi Alonso made a long pass to the left, exactly into the path Cristiano Ronaldo, who easily surpassed Aythami and later scored through a drilling shot that beat Manu.

The drama continues for Deportivo; the Galicians did nothing in attack and to make things worse they allowed Real Madrid to play at ease, reason that explains the huge score. And it’s that Lotina’s team was a broken toy in the hands of a team that was anxiously wishing to reverse the criticism towards its poor scoring record in this start of season.

There are now two negative records for Deportivo: this is the first time that the Galicians allow six goals in one single game since the season 19997/98 (2-6 Vs Compostela, May 5th, 1998). It is also the 17th time in which Depor leaks six or more goals playing away from home in la liga. Also, for the first time since the 1960’s the team is occupying the last place at the standings.

Without doubt this is a crisis for a Deportivo that has been in the downturn since the middle of the past season, now there are fifteen for the rest and there’s time for a serious reflection; the next game in liga will be against Osasuna on October 16 or 17.

Real Madrid:  (4-2-3-1) Casillas, Ramos, Carvalho, Pepe, Marcelo, Xabi Alonso, Khedira (Lass Diarra 46’), Di Maria (Juan Carlos 71’), Özil (Granero 68’), Cristiano Ronaldo - Higuaín.
Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Manu – Manuel Pablo, Lopo, Ze Castro (Aythami 66’), Morel – Rubén Pérez, Antonio Tomás – Juan Rodríguez, Saúl (Juca 51’), Guardado – Lassad (Adrián 61’).
Goals 1-0: (4’) Cristiano Ronaldo, 2-0: (24’) Özil, 3-0: (34’) Di Maria, 4-0: (52’) Higuaín, 5-0: (59’) Ze Castro (o.g.), 5-1: (78’) Juan Rodriguez, 6-1: (90’) Cristiano Ronaldo.
Referee: Eduardo Jesús Iturralde González. He showed yellow card to Lopo (3’)
Venue: Santiago Bernabéu (67,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (57% - 43%); Total shots (16 - 8); Shots on target (8 - 3); Saves by the keepers (2 - 3); Corner-kicks  (4 - 1); Offsides (4 - 2); Fouls committed (7 – 5); Accuracy in the passes (89.02% - 79.35%)




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