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07 Oct 2010
It called the attention the fact that Lotina didn’t attend the media on Wednesday; instead the Basque coach worked behind closed doors at the Riazor while Valerón was talking to reporters.

Clearly the current week isn’t normal at Deportivo; the team is at the bottom of la liga for the first time since the 1970’s and the tension can be noticed inside the squad. The normal thing since the arrival of coach Miguel Angel Lotina is to see him giving a press conference after the first training session of each week, but this week it was the exception as the Meñaka-born manager didn’t attend to the press room, something that irritated the journalists that cover the day-by-day developments of Deportivo.

Lotina just talked to reporters after the defeat at the Santiago Bernabéu, and later when he arrived to the airport in La Coruña, occasions in which he said that he isn’t thinking in resigning and also that he is thinking in making several changes for the upcoming clash with Osasuna.

Instead of talking, Lotina scheduled two training sessions for Wednesday, including one behind closed doors at the Riazor. The reason was to focus the attention of the players and to know their current condition ahead of the clash against the Navarrans. The training session at the Riazor meant a match between first team players and Fabril’s members.

Who did talk to reporters on Wednesday was Juan Carlos Valerón, the Canarian still injured but decided to face the reporters at the press room. He was sending message of calmness to the fans, “We have lived though moments on these years; our mental situation is affected, but this things are normal in football. What we need to do is to overcome the situation as soon as possible.”

“Right now it’s time to hear the criticism, but everybody must realize that now the best thing for the team, the fans and the city  is to carry forward with this. We accept the criticism, but it isn’t the time of having doubts, because it isn’t beneficial. We are missing the needed confidence that you earn with the results, that’s why it’s very important to win the next game.”  He added.

Finally, he was defending the work of Lotina, "It's normal to talk about these things at such moments, but the atmosphere is phenomenal and the relationship with the coach is great. I understand that these issues are talked right now, but the relationship is great and everything is normal. The team's relationship with the coaching staff is great, so let’s face things naturally.”



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