11 Oct 2010
Midfielder Juan Dominguez is set to return for the coming game against Osasuna; The Galician midfielder gave an interview to newspaper La Opiniůn A CoruŮa and talked of his feelings after missing the first six games in liga.

Q: You and Aranzubia have not yet debuted. Would we see both of you against Osasuna?
A: I can do it in the next game, because I'm available. Now is a decision of the coach.

Q: You are training with normality.
A: I have good sensations, everything is perfect. Without feeling any problem since last week. Only some exercises that am not completing as a precaution, because the injured area needs time for a full recovery, and it isnít good to put too much load on it.

Q: You should be willing to play, more than ever.
A: Watching the games is when I have more desire, so I try to not watch football, because I feel desperate at the stands, even seeing my friends at other teams. But I am more encouraged now, because I have the chance to play.

Q: What is learned from a long-term injury, the longest you had until now?
A: You suffer a lot, much more than being available and not playing. Because the results are bad, and also for the fact of not been playing. To be at the stands and not being able to help my colleagues is something that I donít like. Although what I provide is minimal, it makes me angry not being able to be down there. But this happens to all players.

Q: How do you perceive the crisis of the team without having played yet?
A: We all know that it isnít nice, but this has just begun. It is not as tragic as it sounds. Winning the next game we'll put ourselves outside of the relegation zone. We are focused in beating Osasuna at home and start climbing with the other games.

Q: Why Deportivo is having so many problems in order to play well, or to create scoring opportunities...?
A: I do not know. If everyone knew the exact reason it would end the problem. Sometimes we have been thick, but I think we have enough squad to be much higher. With this team the things will improve, thatís for sure.

Q: Will the team suffer on this season?
A: I think it will be at times. We will also have moments of peace and comfort at the standings.

Q: Have you changed in something after your debut?
A: No, I have the same aspirations: to do my work and help, the more the better.

Q: Being so young, do you feel as if you are starting from zero?
A: It is not like starting from zero, but I donít have an incredible experience as if I was already a veteran. I donít have the same nerves of the first day, but neither is like having ten years of experience at Primera. It's something in between, something that still partly new to me, but at the same is habitual.

Q: Will you have problems in order to gain a spot at the starting eleven?
A: The competition is tougher than last year; we have more people for my position and I start with some disadvantage after been injured, but now I'm fine.

Q: The coach, and also the physical trainer, Edu Dominguez, said that you needed to learn some tricks to take care of yourself, to have habits of a professional footballer. How did you take the situation?
A: Obviously I'm starting and there are nuances that must be corrected. I was not used to be in a squad of Primera, but I always tried to be as professional as possible and never do anything knowing it will harm me. If I have done anything wrong it was unintentionally. After feeling any problem the first thing I always did was go to the club's medical services.

Q: Since receiving that warning, are you training in a more demanding way?
A: I was told after getting hurt, not before. Now I do more work after been injured, this in order to enhance some natural areas and to not have relapses.



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