12 Oct 2010
Andrés Guardado gave an interview to newspaper La Voz de Galicia; the Mexican winger admits that the team is facing some problems, but at the same time he believes that there’s no reason to panic.

Q: Aren’t people been overly dramatic? We are just in the sixth matchday
A: The number of points, and especially the game of the team, invites to dramatize a bit, but then you have to see the reality of things, and that is that we are three points away from leaving the relegation zone and we still have many matchdays. We have to think about that and stop thinking about what went wrong.
Q: Against Osasuna, are you starting a new league?
A: In the end you have to play against everybody, but we now have to worry about what we need to do, especially at home, whether we will have visits, sort to say, more reliable. But we can’t lose more points at home, which is what we have done in this start of season. Hopefully we can change that history against Osasuna, it’s time to start climbing up and then people will settle down.

Q: Are you happy with your performance in this start of season?
A: It's a very relative thing. As much as you can feel good, if the team is not well you can’t have good feelings. I'm feeling like the rest of the team, very screwed... I don’t like the situation we are experiencing.

Q: Juan Rodríguez, after the match at the Bernabéu, said the team was confused, not knowing what was playing. What is the style of this Depor? Do you have a style?
A: At certain times you can perceive that, but we have four years with the same coach and the same base of players, and by now we have to know how we play. What we have done well is defense, and lately we have not been defending well, and from there you have to score goals, which has never been one of our strengths.

Q: What happening on defense?
A: Again, we need to realize what’s happening... No need to worry about that, but for what is coming and throw away all the negative things that may be in the outside, criticism and all that. We must close the doors and worry about what we must do.

Q: Do you fear that the current results may end with the good atmosphere at the dressing room?
A: It was worse the first year I was here and the team stayed united. We must put aside everything that comes from the outside, because from the outside people began to say that there were fights, this and that... That comes from the outside, and in the inside we are well and working in order to go ahead.

Q: That reaction on your first season at Depor was based on a change in the system. Now, the coach is not considering a switch. Are you still relying on the 4-2-3-1?
A: Obviously when things go wrong you always ask such questions, we seek for a shock, to change something, but in the end with this system we have had good results. Ours is not so much a problem with the system as the concentration of each of us, a thing of attitude, we all have to be at the level we showed in the past to return to where we were.

Q: Lotina announced changes for the next game. How do you see it?
A: It is not unusual. It is normal to seek alternatives to find the ideal team. All players assume that at any time we can see changes.

Q: You don’t longer have that long blond hair behind you. Are you missing Filipe?
A: Going back to previous ghosts. What is less interesting right now is to worry about who is not here.

Q: How is the issue of your Spanish passport?
A: It has been delayed due to some papers that they have to send from Mexico.

Q: Will it be this year?
A: Yes, I think so.



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