15 Oct 2010
Midfielder Juan Rodriguez gave an interview to; the Andalusian talked of the current bad streak of the team, and expressed his confidence in the future of Deportivo.

Q: Apart from the fact that the team hasnít been fine in recent times, much has been heard on the street about the lack of motivation. What about this? What is the way to face the situation?
A: I think people arenít discouraged at all, because when you play a game and things donít go well, then you are looking forward for next week to try to change that impression and achieve the target, which are the three points. This is the impression that you can have, but it isnít that the team is unmotivated and neither lacking desire or anything else.

Q: And how do you face it? Which is the mentality that you have now?
A: We will continue working in the same way we did until now, which is always going forward, with enthusiasm. It is the same way used in past years and that gave us good results, and hopefully things will soon change and we hope the team will return to be at the top.

Q: Maybe the pressure was too strong in the game against Madrid? Were you feeling pressed since the start?
A: No, the team didnít go down. They scored a goal at the third minute and liked it or not, it breaks and kills you a bit, the team never went down, I knew the opponent in front of me, and what we had to do. What happens is that (Real) Madrid is a very superior to us, and they seized their opportunities.

Q: You were actually more accurate than in previous occasionsÖ a lot of goals were allowed
A: Clearly (Real) Madrid is a very powerful team; each year they hire the best players out there, and spent lots of money. Against an opponent of that entity, you commit the slightest mistake and you pay the price.

Q: Among the last statements of Lotina, he was saying that, currently, you are the worst team at Primera, do you agree?
A: I said it the other day; I donít agree with what he said. But everyone is free to speak, and we are here to show on the field that we arenít the worst team.

Q: How is the environment at the changing room? How are the things? Are they impacting by the poor results?
A: It is clear that one of the keys for this team is the changing room, therefore this is a united group. Now is when you have to be more united, and people know the situation at the team. Although they say that there is a bad atmosphere inside the dressing room and so on, I can tell you there is nothing, and that the team is convinced that we will carry away with this, yes or yes.

Q: And is the changing room trusting in the coach?
A: We havenít been with the coach for one week or a month or five months. He has been on here for four seasons and the fact that we have lost two or three games doesnít imply that we donít trust in him and neither that he doesnít rely on us. I think those are things that are said, but we never had a bad relationship between the players and the coaching staff.

Q: Much has been said of the different styles of play. It has been rumored that there are players who feel more comfortable with a certain system, and has been emphasized the poor marking on the strategy moves. What do you think? Do you have a preference?
A: No, I think that at this point, any player can adapt to any system, whether the mark is individually or by zone. The coach, when heís doing things, is because he thinks is the best for the team, depending on the opponent that we are facing. I have not heard any player saying that they donít want to use this system or another one.

Q: I guess you agree that the injuries are an important factor affecting the group. Therefore, can the return of players like Aranzubia, Urreta, or Riki serve as a revulsive?
A: I've always said that an injury or two, well, canít affect you. But with so many injuries in the long-term it ends hurting a team. With this break in la liga I hope that people will recover as soon as possible. I think when everyone is available for the coach then the competition will be hard, and that will be good for the team.

Q: Lotina commented that he requires players willing to win the next games, is there fear of losing the spot at the starting lineup?
A: Itís that I believe that in this team there arenít starters and neither substitutes. The one fearing to lose the spot for next week I think is wrong, because I believe nobody is indisputable at this team. We have no stars, the best would be to ask the coach who is going to play, and with which system. We canít take things for granted on here.

Q: And the dilemma of signing a new a striker?
A: We are confident on the squad we have and also of our strikers. I think that the fact of whether to sign a new one or not canít be decided by the players. If the coach and the club believe itís appropriate, then they should be moving and searching for a new number nine. What is true is that if no one comes, we are the ones who are here and who should try to score the goals. If a new striker arrives, he will be welcomed, and hopefully can bring things to the team.

Q: How do you see the next rival, Osasuna?
A: Whoever thinks that Osasuna will be an affordable and easy rival to beatÖ I say no. Everyone knows Osasuna and the players they have, and how they play. I think is a hardworking team, a tough opponent to beat and, if we want to achieve something positive, we will have to do things well.

And they are just two points away from you
A: But Almeria was also there, and they scored twice. So we are screwed if we will start to judge the teams by their positions.

Q: Your best moment at Deportivo?
A: Quite a few. The first day I arrived and I signed was very important to me, that's clear. Well, the European competition with Depor, my debut, which we won 3-2 against Zaragoza, and I was lucky enough to score. I think those are several moments that you remember as a player of Deportivo, but the fact of being on a team like Deportivo makes every day very important.

Q: A message to the fans.
A: That they shouldnít doubt that the players will go out in order to give everything for the team to gradually pull back up the things, because I believe this team deserves to be in another position. Hopefully we will respond to all the support with a win.



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