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18 Oct 2010
An impotent Deportivo wasn’t able to capitalise the fact that Osasuna played an hour with ten men and ended achieving a tasteless draw, result that’s leaving the Galician team inside the relegation zone. Lotina still missing a win on the season.

Lotina was surprising with a couple of modifications at both sides of the defence, because Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’ and Diego Seoane were the starting side defenders on the game, while Claudio Morel and Rindarøy were the two discards before the kick-off. It was also surprising to see Juan Rodriguez as the starter on the right wing.

It was a 4-2-3-1 scheme, Aranzubia was the starting keeper, Laure appeared on the right-back position, Seoane on the left, while Colotto was returning from suspension to join Lopo at the centre. Antonio Tomas and Ruben Perez were the two pivotes, Juan Rodriguez was playing on the right wing, Yves Desmarets was on the left, Lassad Nouioui was the playmaker and Adrian the central attacker.

At Osasuna, coach José Antonio Camacho trusted in Serbian Dejan Lekic as the replacement of injured Pandiani, while Manuel Jesús Ortiz ‘Lolo’ was claiming the spot of Josetxo at the centre of the defence.

It was quick first part between two teams that, despite their reputation, were leaving big lagoons at midfield, which allowed to see a fluid game, however there weren’t too many scoring opportunities as both teams were missing more punch in attack. At Depor Adrian and Lassad were completing good combinations, but they didn’t appear too often. Same thing for Desmarets and Juan Rodriguez, duo that was dangerous on the wings, but at the same time intermittent.

No much action was sawn within the first five minutes, Depor was trying to move the ball quickly, but it was missing to find Adrian and Lassad, while Osasuna was trying to press in attack; the first approximation for the visitors came after a counterattack in which Soriano fired from the edge of the area, but the ball went out (4’).

The first approximation of Depor came at minute 7; it was a quick play in which Adrian released a cross from the right, but Desmarets didn’t arrive on time and Ricardo intercepted the cross. Both teams were trying to practice a fast football, Juanfran was the most active players for the visitors, but despite having some clear spaces at midfield, the Navarrans were finding difficulties to create a clear scoring opportunity.

Despite the situation the visitors had the two clearest chances in this half, the first was after Lekic found the ball inside the area, he was backwards the goal and turned off to release a drilling shot that Aranzubia sent to corner-kick (15’). Depor responded at minute 17, Vadocz lost the ball and Adrian led a quick attack that ended with Lassad attempting from close range, but Ricardomade his first save of the evening. In the next play Desmarets attempted from long-range, but he missed the target.

At minute 21, Lassad sent a drilling shot from the edge of the area, and again Ricardo was there to make the save. It seemed that Depor was growing in the game, but Osasuna was still having long possessions and was still finding the spaces at midfield, though Depor’s defensive line was covering the gaps at the back.

Meanwhile, Depor was insisting but without finding the way to the goal, at minute 28 Desmarets sent a cross from the left, but Ricardo arrived before Juan Rodriguez. Suddenly, things turned exciting in a matter of three minutes as both teams had an opportunity that didn’t end in goal only by miracle and as Osasuna lost a man.

Firstly, Los Rojillos were close to score as Aranzubia missed a cross from the left, then Lekic headed the ball downwards and it hit the left post, Vadocz was at the goal line, but couldn’t push the ball in, then Laure cleared the danger (32’). Depor responded with a drilling cross from right made by Juan Rodriguez, Antonio Tomas was alone at the penalty spot and should have scored, but instead the Cantabrian sent the ball over the crossbar.

In the next play Camuñas was sent off as he insulted the referee after a play in which he reclaimed penalty. In the act of the game referee Pérez Lasa wrote that the attacker called him ‘chulo’ (pimp), reason that provoked the red card. Curiously, Osasuna seemed to be living it’s best moment having ten men on the pitch, and it’s that the visitors were still finding enough room to launch quick attacks, one of them ended in goal, but it was disallowed for offside.

The fact of seeming Osasuna playing the entire half with ten men on the pitch pushed Camacho to plan a more defensive approach, actually the visitors spent the whole second part locked at their area and searching for a quick counterattack, which gave the ball possession and the command of the game to Depor, the problem was that Lotina’s men never found the way to break the deadlock, as result the major part of their attacks ended in fruitless crosses into the box and harmless shots from long distance.

The locals started the second part with a cross of Laure from the right that Lassad headed downwards, but Ricardo made the save (47’). Three minutes later Lassad was firing from the edge of the area, but he missed the target. At minute 52, Colotto had a big opportunity as he headed a cross coming from the right and released by Juan Rodriguez, the Argentine defender was alone inside the area, but he sent the ball directly where Ricardo was standing on.

Depor clearly outplayed Osasuna in this half of the match, something that was already clear when Adrian was assisted by Desmarets, the Asturian ran on the left wing and released a dangerous drilling cross that went close to the far post of the visiting keeper after passing between the legs of two defenders. Osasuna reacted at minute 57, and Vadocz missed the third clear chance for the Navarrans s as his downward header after a free-kick just passed close to the left post of Aranzubia.

That play scared the local fans, but Deportivo was still having the ball possession and at times was locking Osasuna at its area, but Lotina’s men weren’t finding the way to break the deadlock. At minute 64, Laure attempted from the edge of the area, and Ricardo made a new save for his team, three minute later Desmarets sent a shot from the same region, and this time Ricardo cleared to corner-kick. Action that was repeated one minute later with the same result. 

The harassment continued, but Depor wasn’t finding the way to the goal, reason why the major part of the offensive efforts were ending in crosses that weren’t capitalized by the locals. At minute 74, Lassad made a shot from the edge of the area, and again Ricardomade the save. It was the last play of the Tunisian, because he was replaced by Dioni. Then Pablo Alvarez replaced Antonio Tomas.

With the moves, Juan Rodriguez joined Ruben Pérez at midfield, while Pablo Alvarez covered the right wing, with Adrian and Dioni as the attacking couple. At minute 81, ‘The Shark’ attempted from the right corner of the area, but again the omnipresent Ricardo was there to make the save –he made 11 saves on the game-

In the final minutes Lotina was desperate, he saw that his team was still not finding the key to unlock the game and decided to send Saúl to replace Desmarets, but there was no time and the Galicians couldn’t achieve their first win on the season although the locals still had two opportunities with Lopo heading out a corner-kick (87’), and Laure  missing the target with his drilling shot (90’).

Deportivo wasted the fact of been playing with one more men during an hour and was unable to find the way to break the deadlock imposed by Osasuna. The first half was more equal, but in the second Depor was superior and had the ball possession, but it missed the way to the goal as it spent the major part of the time releasing crosses without any danger.

It’s the third scoreless game of Depor on the season; the main worry is that the team has only scored three goals after seven matches, and that taking in mind that Antonio Tomas, Lassad and Colotto had clear opportunities to score in this game. At least the team is no longer the last place on the standings after the defeat of Zaragoza at Athletic Bilbao (1-2). On next Monday the team visits Real Sociedad at Anoeta (21h00 CET), Lopo will miss that game as he picked his fifth yellow card on the season.

Deportivo: (4-2-3-1) Aranzubia – Laure, Colotto, Lopo, Seoane – Rubén Pérez, Antonio Tomás (Pablo Álvarez 78’) – Juan Rodríguez, Lassad (Dioni 74’), Desmarets (Saúl 83’) - Adrián
Osasuna: (4-2-3-1) Ricardo - Damiá, Miguel Flaño, Lolo, Monreal – Nekounam, Soriano – Juanfran (Nelson 90+2’), Vadocz (Masoud 69’), Camuñas – Lekic (Sola 69’)
Referee: Miguel Ángel Pérez Lasa. He showed yellow card to Lopo (41’), Monreal (83’), Sola (87’), Dioni (88’) and Aranzubia (90’). Camuñas was sent off (34’).
Venue: Riazor (12,000)
Other statistics: Ball possession (61% - 39%); Total shots (23 - 8); Shots on target (11 - 3); Saves by the keepers (2 - 11); Corner-kicks  (9 - 5); Offsides (0 - 2); Fouls committed (18 - 19); Accuracy in the passes (84.66% - 72.477%)



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