22 Oct 2010
Last week, Laureano Sanabria ‘Laure’ was hoping to earn a place at the starting eleven, now he is wishing to keep the spot for the coming game with Real Sociedad. The Madrilenian talked to La Voz and analysed his performance against Osasuna.

Q: How was your return to the starting formation? Satisfied?
A: I found myself very comfortable. I left the pitch satisfied, but by the end of the game I was pretty tired.

Q: Was the game very long for you?
A: Actually, yes. The first part was very intense and in the second we started very strong, so it was long for me.

Q: I guess it influenced the fact that you were joining the attack more than usual.
A: Yes, I joined the attack very often. I made a great physical effort, and the truth is that we didn’t surprise the rival as in other opportunities.

Q: So, you missed variety in the game?
A: It was complicated, because they were locked at the back. But we should have tried to combine the crosses from the sides and the game by the centre, but we didn´t. At least the impression that we offered was good and also our attitude.

Q: It was noticed a change of style: more direct football and less combinative game.
A: We started with long throws, because the idea was to play as far as possible of our field, always trying to reach their zone.

Q: So, things turned into a classic of Lotina at Depor: Long ball searching for the head of Juan Rodriguez and then a secondary play.
A: It's a move that gives an output for the ball, especially when the goalkeeper has it and the truth is that it is surprising, because usually Juan always wins the ball.

Q: Do you remember a match of Deportivo with so many scoring opportunities?
A: We had a lot. Sometimes the tension is stronger than the will to score the goals, it plays against you. And it did happen.

Q: In the training, Adrian and Lassad score the goals.
A: We don’t just talk of the strikers. This is the job of the whole team. Last season the goals were distributed between everybody, and on this campaign we have to do the same. The clearer chance was for the midfielder, Antonio Tomas, Desmarets had two; Lassad other two. It is good that we all have the responsibility to score a goal.

Q: Although it was a draw, I've seen that the group was more happy.
A: Yes, because we kept a clean sheet, we dominated the game, were quickly recovering the ball. Clearly they had their options because the game is very long and we were attacking, but I think we dominated and that's the attitude that we must have for all matches.

Q: Osasuna was asking for a penalty as you handled the ball inside the area
A: To tell you the truth, I didn’t separate the hand from the body. For me it wasn’t a hand, and therefore it isn’t penalty and neither expulsion, as some were requesting. I have it attached to the body and it was a reflex. The ball hit me between the body and the arm, but with my arm attacked to the body.

Q: Did the coach told you if you will have continuity?
A: We all want is to play and he is the one who decides. If I'm in the team is because he is happy with me.

Q: Do you think that, in order to get more confidence, you need to play more often?
A: I have pleasant memories of the past two seasons, because I played enough games on the right side and I think I did pretty well. Last season I played on the left due to Filipe’s injury, I suffered a lot and besides the team lost intensity. I hope to play many games now, but not for the injury of a colleague, but because the coach is trusting in me

Q: Now that you are talking of the second round of last season. Are we still paying the bill?
A: We must try to change our way of thinking. Last second round was very bad, the beginning of this season too and now we have to change the dynamic and start from zero.

Q: How do you see Real Sociedad?
A: I only saw them against Real Madrid. They know what they are doing.



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