23 Oct 2010
Diego Seoane gave an interview to Depor Sport after his debut in liga, the Galician side defender talked of the sensations that he felt during the game against Osasuna and also of the current situation of Deportivo.

Q: Was unexpected to be a starter?
A: I knew it on Sunday at the hour of the lunch and never was something unexpected, because when you train with the first team you start realizing of the possibility and you always have the hope to play, so must be prepared.

Q: So, did you have the sensation that you could play?
A: I knew it, because on the day before the game I trained with the first team and not with the B squad. I was prepared, but nothing was for sure. When I realized about it I felt a great joy and only waited for the game in order to give my best effort.

Q: Was your family also expecting this?
A: They were also hopeful. I told them to be prepared to go to the Riazor or to Barreiro Ėwhere Fabril was going to play- but that I didnít know where I was going to play, so in the end they came here.

Q: Despite you played in a spot that isnít your natural position you had a solid performance, how did you feel on the pitch?
A: I felt fine, very comfortable and since the team had an acceptable performance it helped me a lot.

Q: Did you felt that you needed to prove something since it could be your only opportunity?
A: Yes, you need to seize the opportunities and off course felt the need to prove something, because if I do the right things then, probably, I could have more chances, but the important thing was to win. It wasnít possible, but the sensations were positive ahead of the next game.

Q: Is the current bad situation at the club affecting a young player like you?
A: No, the situation is difficult, but you forget about it when you are playing; you go out willing to do things right. 

Q: Did you fell integrated to the team?
A: I know the other players and the truth is that everybody encouraged me during the game. Besides, since the team was intense it helped me a lot on the pitch.

Q: Did the coach gave you any special hint before the kick-off?
A: He explains to you the rival that you will face and specifically the player you will meet at that side of the pitch. He gives you some basic notions and then you try to do what he wants.

Q: It seems strange that you are playing since the club signed two left-back defenders, what do you say?
A: When two side defenders are signed you see things complicated, but all the players always have other people in front or behind them, so you need to compete against them. Two new men were signed, but I should keep fighting for a spot. So, for people it could look strange, but for me it was a pride the fact of been able to play.

Q: Anyway, you should was expecting for a chance, but no so early on the seasonÖ
A: Yes, because since the team has four side defenders you never hope to see somebody promoted. So, you need to do a great job for it and are aware that things will be complicated on this year, but as I already said you need to keep fighting and canít miss when your chance arrives.

Q: What is your personal goal?
A: To have the maximum possible participation with the team and to always do things right, and about the team, to leave the hole as soon as possible.

Q: But your goal in the short term, logically, should be to keep a place at the starting elevenÖ
A: All players want that, but I go day by day. Now itís time to wait and see what happens until the next game.

Q: Are you convinced that the team can leave the bad situation that it is living?
A: Off course. We already saw a reaction, because we were focused in the last game, with intensity and always looking for the victory. We didnít achieve the three points by accident and because we missed calm at the moment of the definition, but we saw a reaction and I believe we will see the same in the next match. It was a bad start in liga and it can happen to anyone, but we have enough squad. Iím sure we will push things forward, yes or yes.

Q: Is the changing room facing the situation with calmness?
A: Tranquility is not the right word. We canít be clueless during the games, but we know that a victory will pull us to other places; we just need to win the first game.



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